Get to Know the New DS-40i: Q&A With Folder Inserter Expert Peter Beal

August 1, 2021
Author: Caroline McManus
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Folder inserter, envelope stuffer, folding many names but why do you need one, and what are the benefits? We wanted to get our folder inserter questions answered and find out what's new with the DS-40i. We just gave our popular DS-35 folder inserter a fresh, new look and must-have features, so we sat down with our director of document solutions Peter Beal to learn: 


  • What is a folder inserter?
  • What are the benefits?
  • What envelopes can you use with a folder inserter? 
  • What's new with the DS-40i?

Q. To give the uninitiated an idea, what is a folding machine used for?

A. Simply put, a folder inserter is used to speed up the folding, inserting, and delivery of important business communications, like invoices and statements. It is also used to cut down on mailing errors like sending the wrong piece of mail to a customer, especially for industries that are dealing with sensitive customer, client or patient information.

Q. What are the benefits of a folder inserter?

A. The time savings and peace of mind. We see a lot of companies using administrative assistants and other office workers to fold, stuff, and seal invoices and statements in between answering phones or doing other important work. This system can interrupt an employee's day, and it damages the security of your documents. 



Q. Are there different types of folding machines?

A. There are three different types of folding machines. There is a standard folding machine, which just folds and doesn’t stuff. There are folder inserters that fold, stuff and seal, like the DS-40i. And, there are “intelligent” folder inserters that customize documents and use barcode technology to collate documents and ensure that each mail piece goes to the right person.

Types of Folding Machines

  1. Folding machines: just fold 
  2. Folder inserters: fold, stuff, and seal
  3. “Intelligent” folder inserters: fold, stuff, and seal, plus add barcodes to documents to reduce errors!

Q. Can a folder inserter process any document or envelope size?

A. Folder inserters of all shapes and sizes can typically process the most popular folds: c-fold, double parallel, and single fold. They can also process most envelope sizes. However if you are sending uncommon envelope sizes or using really heavy paper, that is something to speak to your sales representative about and see what they can do for you.

At Quadient we test your mail on a folder inserter before you buy, to help ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We’re here to help businesses find not just the right folder inserter but also to problem-solve their document assembly process. We can suggest equipment to use and ways businesses can process mail in a more efficient, cost-effective way. 

Q. Now let’s get into the DS-40i in particular. What makes it so popular? 

A. We were getting some feedback from customers that the screen on the DS-35 was not as easy to use as they’d like and that it’d be a great bonus to be able to have remote assistance and diagnostics to help speed up troubleshooting and cut service time. Based on this feedback, we upgraded the DS-40i to include a large, color touchscreen, remote diagnostics and assistance, and a tri-fold attachment for folding newsletters. 

DS-40i Special Features

  • Remote diagnostics and assistance
  • Large color touchscreen
  • Tri-fold attachment for folding newsletters

Q. Is the DS-40i built with any particular business size or type in mind?

A. It wasn’t built for any particular industry in mind, but it was built for businesses currently processing all their mail by hand. So we’ve made it extremely easy to use and powerful enough to handle anywhere from 300 to 3,000 pieces a month. If you are doing more than that a month, or if you are processing really large batches of mail about 1,000 in one day, you might want to consider a larger folder inserter.

Q. Can I lease the DS-40i? 

A. Yes, the DS-40i can be leased or purchased outright. If you are interesting in leasing, you'll pay one low monthly fee for the folder inserter. This is a great option especially if you think your materials or mail volume might change. 

Q. Is it hard to install the DS-40i?

A. We’ve made it very simple, no IT involv: 1) Take out of the box 2) Put in the feed trays 3) Press “On” and that’s in. The wizard-based color touchscreen will walk you through the rest of the set-up. But you can start using it right away. If customers have any questions they can use remote diagnostics and assistance for easy troubleshooting. We are just a phone call away.

Q. How is Quadient different than the competitors?

A. We have the largest and most innovative selection of folder inserters. We are always looking to make our machines more versatile, more enjoyable to use, and more secure for businesses. This is a product line we focus on and you know that with Quadient you are a priority. We are looking to help you add value to your company.

Q. What is the one thing people need to know about the DS-40i?

A. It is really easy to use.

Q. What's the first step if a business is considering a Folder Inserter?

A. Definitely understand your volumes. Ask yourself these Qs: How much you are sending? What you are sending? and How many items at a time. And then I would say speak to a salesperson, see if you want to work with them, see what they suggest for your business. Have them test what you are sending and then decide if you want them to be your business solutions partner.

Great advice! If you're considering a folder inserter, reach out and we'll help you find the right one!