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A "Green Machine" with All the Quality at a Reduced Price

Perfect for your small business or home office, the IS-330 gets you the quality and features your business needs with refurbished mailing equipment at a lower cost.  

  • The same warranty and service protection that comes standard with new machines
  • Our meticulously tested "green machine" means you can also reduce your footprint
  • Cost-efficiency that helps your company and the environment 



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The Refurbished Meter You Love with Special Features

This IS-350 has some special features to make processing mail easier than ever, including a built-in moistener and catch tray.                                                                               

  • Weigh, stamp, and send your mail on one step
  • Easily process letters, postcards, flats, and packages
  • Monitor, track and control postal spending on an online dashboard


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Add a Shipping Option to Make Your Postage Meter an All-in-One Solution

Ship flats, packages, Priority Mail® and more right from your postage meter by adding NeoShip to your postage meter. Get the ultimate all-in-one solution for your office and never guess again on how to mail or ship. 

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