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Are your USPS® rates updated? The iX Series updates new rates automatically. Plus, you'll save 5% on every First-Class™ Letter!

NEW! iX-3 Postage Meter

All the Benefits of a Big Mailroom in a Small Package

Save 5% on every First-Class letter!

Small businesses that need the mailing and shipping capabilities of a bigger machine but without the large size...and large price tag. 

  • Automatic postage rate updates
  • Access to mailing and shipping discounts 
  • Apply postage, seal, and get mail out in minutes!


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NEW! iX-5 Postage Meter

Business accelerated with a powerful, intuitive mailing system

Save more on postage costs!

The iX-5 makes mailing a breeze for busy businesses. Get next-generation functionality to tackle those large batch mailings, daily mail sends and increasing shipping volumes.

  • Automatic rate updates
  • Save 9% on First-Class postage
  • Access to discounts on Priority Mail® and Priority Mail Express® 

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See why the iX Series is best in class!


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Three Reasons to Choose the iX Series:


Automatic Rate Updates


Never worry about using the wrong postage again! 



Save 5% on Postage


Save money on every First-Class letter you mail! 



Pair with Shipping


Add NeoShip and save on shipments, envelopes and Priority Mail.



“We chose Quadient over a competitor years ago and have been happy since.”

H.J. Graham Agency, Inc.



  • Meets USPS® indicia requirements
  • Auto-feeder option
  • Perfect envelope sealing

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  • Adaptable weighing platforms
  • Color screen control panel
  • Expandable catch tray

Transform Your iX Meter into a Shipping Hub

Don't miss out out on valuable discounts and the ability to track important mail and packages. Find out how this is possible by simply adding Neoship online shipping software to your iX meter. 


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No More Scrutinizing Your Postage Meter Bill

Small businesses don't have time to waste scrutinizing their monthly postage meter bill. That's why Quadient doesn't hit you with hidden fees or extra charges when you refill your postage meter.

  • No hidden fees for postage refills
  • Rate change protection is included (no fees)
  • Get postage credit in advance with no extra charge


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Know Your Mailing Options

Find out how to choose the best mailing system for your business, the latest features and capabilities, and what you need to know before you buy.

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