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Address Validation Made Easy

The Easy Way to Validate & Correct Addresses 

Reduce the financial burden of undeliverable mail 

Ensuring your invoices, statements, parcels and other communications are received in a timely manner is critical to doing business today. Returned mail due to bad address data can become a significant cost issue. Not only are you paying postage for mail that is undeliverable, but issues like delayed cash flow, lost marketing opportunities and customer dissatisfaction can further impact your business.

With Impress mail automation software you'll get access to e-Validate, so you can quickly and easily check and fix customer addresses in a few simple clicks. No downloads. No training required.

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According to the USPS, businesses spend more than $20 billion annually on mail and packages that can't be delivered.

How Does e-Validate Work?

Your mail can't do its job if it isn't delivered. Every returned mail piece represents an important invoice, essential medical statement or loss of revenue. With e-Validate, you simply upload your customer mailing address list and submit it for validation against the most recent USPS data and other sources. e-Validate will verify and correct addresses and provide a report that's easy to read and impactful.

Get Certified


e-Validate is USPS® CASS Certified™ for address validation.

Stay Updated


Keep your database current with real-time National Change of Address (NCOA) updates.

Save Postage


Save postage on every undeliverable mail piece and impact your DSO.


With e-Validate, you can cleanse your customer address lists in just a few clicks - and so much more!

  • Add or verify the customer email addresses
  • Identify listed phone numbers and head of household
  • Append and validate apartment addresses and phone numbers
  • Find new address information from sources other than the USPS®
  • Access address suppression lists

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Every year approximately 40 million Americans and 1 in 5 businesses change their address, but their old locations often remain in mailing databases. 

The Benefits of e-Validate

  • Reduces returned mail and parcels and associated costs
  • Increases cash flow by eliminating late payments and unpaid invoices
  • Reduces operational expenses from wasted postage, materials and labor 
  • Cleans your customer data and ensures it is regularly updated


Validating Mailing Addresses Is as Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Upload Files

Simply upload your files to cleanse against current databases.

2. Map Your Data

Just confirm and organize the data fields!

3. Click Submit

Submit your list for processing and cleansing.



Get An e-Validate Scorecard

Not sure what percent of your mail is undeliverable? The industry standard for mail that is “Undeliverable As Addressed” (UAA) should be no more than 6-10% of your total annual postage costs. Get in touch with a Quadient rep who can help you score your customer address lists and show you how e-Validate works. 

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