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How to Avoid Compliance Fees

June 16, 2020
Author: Caroline McManus

Do you know if your mailing operation is compliant? 

A document is one of the most critical means of communicating with customers and it often contains extremely personal information. This can be true no matter what industry you are in, finance, healthcare or insurance to name a few. So it is...

Top Customer Communication Tools and Tech

June 16, 2020
Author: Caroline McManus

When you’re processing business mail, there are a lot of steps and details to think about, and those details can affect the productivity and the overall success of your business.

That’s why we’ve created a guide that contains the top tech that can help you make the process simpler and more...

4 Sure-Proof Ways to Reduce DSO

June 16, 2020
Author: Caroline McManus

Make an impact on DSO right from your mailroom and increase your business’ cash flow

More than a third of all invoices are paid late. But your business doesn’t have to be content with getting paid weeks after you really need your cash. There are a number of ways businesses can adjust their...

The 5 DOs of Data Quality

June 15, 2020
Author: Caroline McManus

How clean data can improve mail deliverability and cash flow

The actual price of a mail piece isn’t just how much the materials and postage cost. It’s also the value of what's inside the envelope. Depending on what you are sending—invoices, marketing mail, or notices—an undelivered mail piece...

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