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Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI)

Let’s Talk about Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI)

The next big thing in mail tech with big benefits for your business!

You may have heard a bit about USPS® Intelligent Mail Indicia, or IMI. It’s the next generation of mailing technology with exciting benefits for businesses all of sizes. In short, IMI is a more intelligent and advanced postal marking, which makes it easier for the Post Office to read, calculate, process and deliver your mail.

IMI is a great upgrade for your business because it allows the Post Office automate more of the behind-the-scenes work that goes delivering the millions of mail pieces and shipments sent every day. All that efficiency is passed on to your business in the form of improved delivery times and better account security and tracking. Faster delivery and tracking of your invoices, statements and other critical mail pieces results in shorter billing cycles, better days sales outstanding and happier customers!

IBI: Information-Based Indicia (Phased out by June 2024)

IMI: Intelligent Mail Indicia (New Technology)

indicia: imprinted designation and markings on mail that denote postage payment (e.g., permit imprint, metered postage, and PC Postage products)*

Intelligent Mail Indicia Fast Facts

  • Accurate: With IMI, mail is not returned for incorrect postage.
  • Updated: Postage updates happen every 72 hours compared to every 90 days with previous technology.
  • Upgraded: No more special phone lines needed just for your postage meters.
  • Automated: Stops miscalculations! Postage is automatically calculated based on Service Class.
  • Informative: Transaction-level data for each mail piece...daily!
  • Modern: IMI standards go into effect June 2024. All postage meters must meet those requirements.

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