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Pitney Bowes vs. Quadient


Save at Least 33% over Pitney Bowes

Do you have a Pitney Bowes machine? Are you considering a Pitney Bowes SendPro® Mailstation for your small business? Before you do, make sure you add up all the extra monthly charges. 

Hidden fees, surcharges and other additional costs that aren’t included in the main quote make Pitney Bowes' monthly costs significantly higher than they appear. With Quadient, you can save up to 33%* versus the SendPro® Mailstation—that’s more than $20 dollars a month in savings!


  • Free postal rate change protection
  • Free reset fees
  • No hidden services and fees
  • No rental increase after the first year

 Quadient Keeps Your Monthly Costs Low


Quadient iX-1 Postage Meter
Pitney Bowes SendPro® Mailstation
Rental Cost (Only Quadient has a 10lb scale!)
Quadient: 23.75
Pitney Bowes: 29.99
Reset Fees (every time you download postage)
Quadient: FREE
Pitney Bowes: $7.99†
Postage Advance Fees
Quadient: FREE
Pitney Bowes: FREE†
Postal Rate Change Protection
Quadient: FREE
Pitney Bowes: FREE
Estimated Monthly Ink Cost (10 letters/day)
Quadient: $21.16
Pitney Bowes: $25.26
Estimated Monthly Label Cost (2 labels/day)
Quadient: $6.16
Pitney Bowes: $11.20
Average Monthly Cost
Quadient: $48.43
Pitney Bowes: $72.13
Shipping Software (NeoShip & SendPro respectively)
Quadient: $3.00
Pitney Bowes: MANDATORY
Total Average Monthly Cost with Shipping Capability
Quadient: $51.43
Pitney Bowes: $72.13
= Best Choice

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No Price Increases

Unlike other postage meter companies, Quadient keeps your price constant throughout your contract, no fine print.±



Great Customer Service

Whenever your business needs help with mailing, shipping and mail prep, our experts are ready with the answers.  



Automatic Rate Protection

Rest easy when USPS® rates change. Your machine is covered and a service rep can walk you through the update. 

Imagine Yourself with a Quadient Meter

New Quadient Customers Get All the Perks! 

  • A Myquadient account with 24/7 access to important information and settings
  • Valuable USPS® discounts on both letters and packages 
  • A best-in-class meter comes with a built-in 10 lb. scale for in-office mail and package processing 
  • No change in rates for the first three years and no hidden fees or surcharges


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* Quadient savings is based on the average monthly total cost of ownership over the contract term with free months, as of February 2023. A 33% savings does not include optional NeoShip shipping software. Quadient savings is 29% when NeoShip is included. All offers valid for new customers only, for a one-time use. In rare cases prices for leases in certain areas may go up after the first 12 months.
† $7.99 every time you download postage. “Free” Postage Advance requires Pitney Bowes Purchase Power.