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Dimensional Weight Shipping 

The Bigger the Box, the Higher the Cost


The UPS and FedEx use dimensional (DIM) weight pricing for all packages. This can have substantial ramifications for shippers in terms of costs and business processes.

What is DIM Weight? 

Dimensional weight involves factoring the box size into pricing. If the dimensional weight exceeds the actual weight, the shipping rate is based on the dimensional weight instead. Essentially, the bigger the box, the higher the cost.

Dimensional Weight Resources


Dim Weight Calculator

A DIM weight calculator that allows you to compare carrier poundage.

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How to Calculate Girth

A guide to help you calculate dimensional weight package girth.

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Videos and Tips

Videos with tips on packaging and services to help you save money. 

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Helpful Guides

Easy-to-use guides with everythign shippers need for DIM weight.

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