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Neoship Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Turn your postage meter into an all-in-one solution! 

Ship overnights, flats, packages, Priority Mail®, and more—right from your postage meter! Neoship is the must-have multi-carrier shipping software for small and medium-sized businesses. With Neoship Advanced, you can even choose the best cost and delivery options from the major carriers. Take the time-consuming guesswork out of your day-to-day shipping. Never guess again on how to mail or ship!

  • Integrate with your postage meter
  • Unlock the best rates 
  • Get advanced tracking
  • Save up to 47% on Priority Mail® 


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Get Discounted Rates

Quadient customers save up to 47% on Priority Mail® and up to 17% on Priority Mail Express®  

  • Significant discounts on USPS® shipping services like Priority Mail
  • Don't miss out on lower rates! You can upload your pre-negotiated UPS and FedEx rates with Neoship Advanced.
  • Qualify for free insurance on Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express.

Track Every Package

Easily track and view all your shipping activity from your desktop ensuring maximum visibility for you and your recipients

  • No more guessing on the location of your packages, access Neoship 24/7 for real-time tracking
  • Prevent shipment delays and costly wrong-address fees with automatic address validation
  • View all shipments or drill down into particular packages with summary and detailed reports

Easy Label Printing

Save time and prevent human error with USPS-compliant labels that can be printed and applied in seconds 

Four Easy Steps to Ship Online

  • Choose a package type and weigh your item
  • Enter the shipping address
  • Choose delivery date, rate, and USPS Extra Service
  • Print shipping label and place on your package


Shipping Label Printer 

Two Great Shipping Solutions for Small Businesses



Create and print USPS® compliant shipping labels and track shipments on your desktop 24/7.  

  • Access valuable USPS® discounts for savings up to 47%
  • Track shipments anytime, directly from your desktop 
  • Easily print USPS® compliant shipping labels from a thermal label printer or a regular printer


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Neoship Advanced

Easily compare the major carriers, USPS®, FedEx® and UPS® and do all of your rate shopping here!

  • Choose the best option from multiple carriers
  • Upload pre-negotiated UPS and FedEx rates for optimal savings
  • Save up to 47% on Priority Mail®


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