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No matter what you send, Quadient has the mailing and shipping solutions to help you run your small business better.


Postage Meters That Help You Save

Stamps went up, but you can pay 5 cents less on every First-Class letter just by using a meter! Get all the perks of a professional mailroom in one small unit and stop wasting time at the Post Office.


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How Can a Postage Meter Benefit Your Business?

Why Pay 10% More?


Get USPS® discounts on your First-Class mail pieces, and save 5 cents on every letter your business sends. 


Process All Mail Items


Meters can process your letters, flats, and postcards in record time from your office, not the Post Office.

Quadient vs. the Competition


Tired of extra fees and charges in the fine print? See for yourself how Quadient stacks up against other companies.

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Turn Your Postage Meter into an All-in-One Solution

Add a shipping option and send flats, packages, Priority Mail®, and more right from your postage meter with Neoship. An all-in-one solution that takes the guesswork out of sending outgoing mail and packages. 

Mail and Ship 

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Get Certified Mail® Done Online—Fast

No more expensive green cards! Connectsuite e-Certify makes Certified Mail® simple, fast, and less expensive. Reduce your Return Receipt costs by 43% every time you mail.

  • Eliminate tedious form-filling
  • Track and archive Return Receipts online
  • Save $1.20 on every Return Receipt

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