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Meet the iX-1

Our newest postage meter for small businesses is now the iX-1. Mailing has changed, and you need a solution that makes getting the job done as affordable and efficient as it can be.

The IS-280 was a great starter meter - and now there's something even better. The iX-1 has more features to help you save on postage.

And it’s post office approved!

See for yourself...




NEW! iX-1 Postage Meter

The perfect meter for your small business, now and into the future!

This little powerhouse does it all. You still get a great postage discount like you did with the IS-280, but now you'll have some important upgrades! With the iX-1, you get better postage accuracy and enhancements. Mail, ship, weigh, pay, track and save—all from one device.

  • Save 5% on every First-Class letter
  • Process mail faster than ever - 18 letters per minute!
  • Automatic postage rate updates and quick postage refills
  • 10lb. scale, BIGGEST in its class 
  • FREE starter kit! 
  • Mail that's USPS® approved!
  • Equipped for the future of mailing





See How the iX-1 Postage Meter Can Benefit Your Small Business


Save 5% on postage


Skip the post office. Ditch the stamps. Save 3 cents on First-Class letters.


Speed Up Mailing


Process up 18 letters per minute and get your mail out the door.


Get USPS® Approved!


New meters will be required soon. Get an iX-Series meter today!

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Join the Thousands of Businesses That Love Quadient Postage Meters

We like the reporting because we can easily expense the postage costs as needed."
Exchange Club Fair of Charleston
The Quadient Postage Meter doesn't jam up or skip envelopes as our last one did. This one has held up to the mass amounts of mail we go through so far, and we are very happy with it."
Jeanna Seaton
Ops Manager,
We spend less on paper and copier. Sending mail is far quicker than doing it manually."
Joe Aguilos
Student Housing Coordinator, Rose Hill Asset
The Quadient System can be operated by one person to do the job of three to four people."
Jonathan Hernandez
Asbury Environmental Services
The Quadient mailing system is great for statements and bills to various insurance companies."
Tony Haula
Business Manager, Radiologic Consultants, LLC
With Quadient I can create a 100,000-piece tax job in minutes rather than hours with the confidence that I'm outputting what we expect."
Chris Christiansen
We are more efficient with a postage machine that weighs and sets postage."
H.J. Graham Agency, Inc.
The Quadient postage meter is easy, it’s locked, loaded, ready to go, and trouble-free."
Rick Jurzyk
Senior Associate
Rick's Plumbing Services
The Quadient postage meter is easy. It’s locked, loaded, ready to go, and trouble-free.
Rick Jurzyk
Rick's Plumbing Services
Time saver. Better than waiting in line at the post office. Postage is less than regular stamps – a real advantage."
Susan S. Swader
Way better than the old dinosaur we had! Modern, fast and accurate. Love it!"
Bates & Ely PLLC
I like the integrated scale, which is something I didn't have with our Pitney Bowes meter. Quadient was just the best option available for the price."
Exchange Club Fair of Charleston
Quadient was the best option available for the price. I also like the integrated scale, which is something I didn't have with our PB meter. "
Exchange Club Fair of Charleston


The iX-1 Has All the Essential Features - and More!



Weighing Platform 

Never guess again on postage! Only Quadient has a standard 10 lb. weighing platform so you get the correct weight of each mail piece, every time.


Rate Wizard

Easy-to-use, step-by-step guide! The iX-1 simplifies the process of selecting the correct postal rate and class for your items.


Shortcut Keys

Mail is a breeze! Easily access the most commonly used postal rates plus customize and save the settings of your most frequent jobs.


USPS Approved!

The latest postage technology! With the iX-1, you’ll provide the most accurate postal data and tracking info to the U.S. Postal Service.

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Add a Shipping Option to Make the iX-1 Meter an All-in-One Solution

Ship overnights, flats, packages, Priority Mail® and more right from your postage meter by adding NeoShip. Get the ultimate all-in-one solution for your office and never guess again on mailing or shipping. Plus, FREE address correction!

Add Shipping 


Using stamps? Get the iX-1 and save 5% on postage costs!

Looking for a change from traditional stamps, multi-step online postage or those other postage meter companies? 

  • Stop overspending on postage
  • No more trips to the Post Office
  • No extra fees, surcharges or funny business! 

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