Quadient’s IMI-Ready Product Guide

Is your postage meter being decertified? Do you have mailroom products that have been discontinued? Let’s get your business ready for the new Intelligent Mail Indicia (IMI) requirements with a guide to the best new postage meter technology!

Pitney Bowes decertified/discontinued products Quadient’s IMI-ready solutions you may be interested in...
K700/K7M0 mailstation™ Series iX-1 postage meter
DM100i®/DM200L™/ DM125™/DM225™Series iX-3 postage meter
DM100i®/DM200L™/ DM125™/DM225™Series  iX-5 mailing system
SendPro® C200/C300/C400 (1H) Series iX-1 postage meter with Neoship
SendPro™ P-Series* 1000/2000/3000 iX-7 mailing and shipping system
Connect+® 1000/2000/3000* iX-9 mailing and shipping system
D1200, D1425 DS-64i and DS-77iQ folder inserters
RISO Inkjet Printers MACH 6 digital printer
DA Series Printers Label Printers for shipping
Letter Openers Quadient Mail Openers
Verimove ConnectSuite e-Validate
Syntel Automail/PlanetPress Office or Production Impress mail automation and preparation software


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More Secure

Postal information to and from your meter is encrypted.

Better Pricing

Save at least 33% Over Pitney Bowes. No hidden fees!

Reduced Costs

Save 6% on every First-Class letter compared to stamps.

No Overspending

No more incorrect postage or miscalculations!

What about Quadient products?

The only Quadient products that need to be replaced are the IS/IN/IM Series postage meters. These will be decertified by the USPS® on June 30, 2024. Most mailers have until December 31 to acquire a compliant postage meter. If you currently use the IS-280, you’ll love Quadient's iX-1. It’s easy to use, IMI ready and Post Office approved!

  • Save 6% on every First-Class letter
  • Process mail faster than ever!
  • Automatic rate updates and quick postage refills
  • 10lb. scale, BIGGEST in its class
  • FREE starter kit!


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Quadient has been super responsive to my needs. I don't have to go to the post office where there are lines and lines and time wasted, and I'm particularly impressed with the service.
Davis Berberian
President, Medcorp Interational
Quadient is very easy to work with. We are able to do amazing things using this platform. "
Mary Wrzala
Sr Data Programmer, Epsilon
I would be very likely to recommend Quadient because of its professional customer service and ease of use of the product."
Gary Easton
Director, Leaper County Medical Care Facility
Customer service seems to be Number One in Quadient's focus. We have been loyal customers for the past 15 years."
Alfie Ebojo
Writers Guild of America West
Working with Quadient is as smooth as silk!"
Brian Rocheny
Columbia University
With Quadient, I receive top-notch service from both our sales representative and our technician."
Annette Hernandez
Facilities Manager, Gulf Breeze Management
Quadient is a very informative organization that works closely with clients. They are a state-of-the-art company regarding your mailing needs. Service department is outstanding."
Larry Grabowski
Michigan State Council, Knights of Columbus
Communication was quick and efficient. Very easy to work with and projects stay on track."
Diane Hudak
Ops Manager, First Financial FCU
We have 2 pieces of equipment from Quadient and both have been a great asset to our operation."
Beverly Whitesel
Executive Assistant & Compliance Officer at Oak Hammock at the University of Florida
The technicians at Quadient are awesome and their response times are great."
Gloria Benavidez
Business Professional at Xcel Energy
I have been very happy with Quadient's product and service. I have used other solutions in the past and prefer Quadient."
Brian Peterson
Senior Property Manager at Security Properties Residential
Customer service is really what sets Quadient apart from their competitors."
Craig Battle
Director, Facilities Management at United Way of Greater Houston
Quadient has provided excellent service over the years."
Angela Stovall
Ops Manager, City of Los Angeles
Quadient has excellent products and customer service."
Tim Ouimette
Mail & Print Services Manager at Western New England College
I was extremely stressed out due to some shenanigans from another mailing machine supplier, and Quadient came to the rescue. They went above and beyond. I would recommend them to anyone!
Accounts Receivable at Ecotrend Ecologics Ltd.
We are able to comply with regulation standards, provide higher efficiency, and reduce manual labor significantly."
April Bishop
Operations Manager, First Financial Federal Credit Union of Maryland
Fast and reliable service across customer service to field maintenance."
Jonathan Hernandez
Asbury Environmental Services
We have had Quadient for a long time and have had exceptional service."
Julio Moreno
Operations Manager at PADI
They were easy to deal with, responsive when I call, and I love the product."
Melanie Adams
Senior Vice President at Knightvest Management
All departments access the machine for their own mailings needs: Customer correspondence, billing notices, and employee communications (HR-related). When there is any downtime, the Quadient teams respond rapidly to our needs either by phone or in-person, for support"
Paula Boegner
VP Operations, University Bank
Established company with a good product that works."
Rory Hill
Auxiliary Services at John Carroll University

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