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Impress Mail Management Software

Simplify Your Mail Prep Process  

Are you still relying on tedious manual processes to send mail? With Impress you can automate the entire mail prep process, reduce errors and get mail done a whole lot faster. Impress is a user-friendly, cloud-based platform that uses intelligent barcodes to sort, group and collate mail securely. Easily and affordably prepare invoices, statements, EOBs, purchase orders and other mail for the post office, email, or other channels. 

If you’re managing documents by hand, there’s a better, faster, easier way. 

  • Faster and more efficient than manual prep 
  • Easier and more secure processing
  • Protects personal information (PII)     

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Simplify Your Mail Prep With Automation

Just upload your documents to group, sort, collate and merge.


"We were extremely impressed when the Quadient team used our data to demonstrate the software. Estimated timelines, speed estimations and cost savings were right on." 

- Kevin Allen
BACTES Imaging Solutions

The Impress All-In-One Platform

Centralize your mail communications in one place, so you can mail from anywhere!
Get the flexibility you need to send mail using any combination of channels.

Mail Delivery

Automate your document processing to save time and prevent errors during preparation. 


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Send invoices, payment reminders, and other communications using online channels. 


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Have your communications prepared and delivered to the post office from our secure facility. 


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92% of surveyed organizations eliminated errors by implementing Quadient Impress solutions. 

— TechValidate survey, Nov 2019

A Mail Automation Platform for All

Organizations of all sizes can have a mail process that is efficient and future proof.

Experience the Benefits 

  • Faster and more efficient than manual mail prep
  • Offers multiple delivery options
  • Supports collaboration and users across departments
  • Speeds up invoicing and payment time

Impress At-A-Glance


Save Time and Money

Significantly decrease the time and resources needed to prepare mail, while ensuring integrity.


Secure Sensitive Communications

Intelligent barcodes are added to each document, so customers only receive their documents and no one else's.




Save on Postage Costs

Get access to postage discounts with pre-sort prices and avoid undeliverable mail with address correction.


Speed Up Delivery and Payment

Accelerate cash flow by getting invoices out faster and driving quicker turnaround.



Use Impress to Send All of Your Business Communications


Use the post office, email or our outsourced facility, depending on what’s best for your business and your customers.


Statements with personal information can be secured with barcodes and tracked online for HIPAA compliance.

Explanation of Benefits

Urgent communications can be created and sent within 24 hours, getting your message out quickly and easily.

“What used to take us a week now only takes us one day.
We have fully automated the mail prep process.”

—Peter Wilshaw,
Claim Eazy, IT Manager

Impress Gives You Complete Control Over Your Mail Process


  1. Create a digital version of your invoices and mail instead of scanning. Add personalized marketing messages, overlays or enclosures. 
  2. Combine documents to the same recipient for convenience and cost savings. 
  3. Ensure identifying barcodes are utilized for easy and secure processing with a folder inserter.

"We have a much more efficient document creation, management and delivery process. The whole process now takes less than 60 minutes."

— Ben Zises
CEO, TriArch Real Estate Group


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