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The 5 Need-to-Know Benefits of NeoShip

March 8, 2019

If you are in charge of your company’s mailing and shipping, you know how important it is to reduce costs and save time. Cost-saving is even more essential now that the USPS® shipping and mailing rates went up in January 2019. So how can NeoShip help minimize the effect to rate change and help you save? 

Read the 5 top benefits of shipping software...


Benefit #1: You can skip the Post Office

Save valuable employee time and expenses associated with trips to the Post Office™ by sending large envelopes and packages right from the office. Whether you are sending small padded envelopes, Priority Mail® or large packages, NeoShip processes them all whether you get NeoShip Plus or Advanced.


Benefit #2: You'll maximize savings with USPS® discounts

Gain access to valuable discounts with Commercial Base Pricing. These discounted rates apply to the most popular USPS services, such as Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, and First-Class Package Service. Under the new 2019 USPS postage rates, businesses can now save up to 40 percent on Priority Mail® and up to 15% on Priority Mail Express. Be sure to audit your monthly shipping spend and see how much you can save. Or, if you are already a Quadient meter customer speak with a shipping specialist to see how much you could save with NeoShip.  


Benefit #3: You'll avoid returned mail

Returned mail isn’t just inconvenient, it throws away money on wasted postage and materials. With 12 to 17 percent of households moving every year, it can also be a significant profit drain that can damage customer relationships and reduce cash flow. NeoShip has free address validation so you can be confident that your mail is getting where it needs to go the first time you send it.


Benefit #4. Get free insurance and tracking

When sending high-value items, businesses want assurance that their package is both delivered and received. This is possible with NeoShip. NeoShip prints IM®pb (Intelligent Mail Package Barcode) labels that allow for advanced tracking on USPS packages. You also qualify for $50 of insurance on Priority Mail and $100 of insurance on Priority Mail Express items, which can be essential for businesses are sending expensive pieces.


Benefit #5. You can compare carriers and upload pre-negotiated rates

Many businesses are now looking to work with multiple carriers in an effort to both lower shipping costs and increase flexibility. If this sounds like your business and you’ve expanded to ship with more than just the USPS, you should look into NeoShip Advanced. With NeoShip Advanced you get a view of USPS, UPS and FedEx rates and services, and can automatically compare and contrast to find the lowest cost and fastest delivery options. NeoShip Advanced also allows you to upload your pre-negotiated rates with UPS and FedEx. This ensures that you still get the discounted rates you need while gaining the ability to compare carriers.



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