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USPS Ground Advantage™: Simplified Shipping, Tracking, and Protection

August 9, 2023

On July 9th, the U.S. Postal Service introduced a new shipping service called USPS Ground Advantage™. This service consolidates and replaces USPS Retail Ground®, Parcel Select Ground®, and First-Class Package® services, thereby enhancing an array of USPS offerings for domestic shipping. In the past, navigating through various ground services was a bit of a puzzle involving intricate weight limits and multiple factors. But hold onto your hats because USPS Ground Advantage is here to simplify things and make your life easier. Let's dive in and explore how!


Tracking your mail is included 

With USPS Ground Advantage, you're in control of mailings as light as 4 ounces. No more stressing about where your critical communcations are in the mailstream! Now, you can enjoy the magic of real-time tracking, even for those envelopes, flats and feather-light packages because USPS Tracking® is now included in Ground Advantage. This feature proves invaluable for confirming that your mail piece is in the mailstream and in route. You can instantly access the status of your mail items along with tracking details. That includes updates such as delivery date and time, as well as the specific delivery location of the item. You'll know if your communication is in the mailbox, at a reception desk, or at distribution center ready to hit the road. Plus, it's a fantastic option for small items and flats, and it can easily replace FedEx for certain shipments.

Tip: For a small fee, you can add USPS Tracking Plus® and have the ability to access your online tracking history for up to ten years (domestic). You can also have evidence from USPS to settle disputes and claims related to delivery, proof of mailing, delivery, or attempted delivery.


Enjoy Included Insurance Coverage

Great news for Ground Advantage users! Insurance coverage is now included – every shipment, comes with $100 insurance (for both outbound and return shipments). And if you're looking for extra peace of mind, you can also snag additional coverage up to $5,000 to safeguard your valuable merchandise against any hiccups on its journey.


Costs: A Better Deal

According to USPS, this service comes with lower prices compared to the previous First-Class Package Service – a favorite among package delivery options through the U.S. Postal Service. Prices start at just $4.75 at a Post Office™ location and depending on your specific mailing needs and desired delivery timeframe. You may even be able to slash up to 80% of your costs while enjoying top-notch tracking, visibility within the mailstream, and comprehensive reporting.

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With USPS Ground Advantage, the USPS is taking shipping to a whole new level – making it simpler, more efficient, and packed with benefits that both businesses and customers can enjoy.

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