USPS® Rate Change Webinar

April 6, 2018
Author: Caroline McManus
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In case you missed it!

If you were too busy celebrating the new year in January and missed our webinar on the USPS postal rate change, don't worry it's all right here.


Postal rate changes can be confusing but our experts Ralph and Pat are here to help you navigate with our USPS Rate Change Webinar. Listen below to find out about:

  • Specific rate changes

  • Business impacts

  • Money-saving tips

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Ralph Mezzoni, Director, Mailroom Solutions Quadient USA

Ralph is a mailing industry veteran with over 18 years’ experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge about innovative mailing and shipping applications as well as insight into current trends that impact today’s mail professionals.

Pat Mango, Manager, Postal Relations Quadient USA

Pat has worked in the mailing industry for over 19 years and is currently responsible for creating and implementing postal initiative programs in support of Quadient’S Postal Relations team. Pat is an EMA Certified Postal Partner, CPP, a USPS Certified Mail Design Professional, MDP.

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