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3 Ways to Reduce Shipping Costs



Shipping costs seem to increase every year. Knowing what factors impact your shipping rates is the best way to keep shipping costs to a minimum.  Our mailing and shipping experts outlined 3 ways to reduce shipping costs to help you reduce your shipping costs. 


#1 Use package services that are not subject to Dimensional weight (DIM weight).

Dimensional weight is used to calculate the shipping cost of larger packages with lower weights (aka light packages) that take up a lot of valuable space in a delivery truck or airplane.

Because of dimensional weight, sending large, bulky packages can get expensive and affect your business’s bottom line. Businesses should be aware of dimensional weight pricing and try to fit packages in the smallest packaging available. You can also explore flat rate shipping options to be sure that your shipments won’t be charged based on the dimensional weight. 

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#2 Use the smallest possible box to ship your items or use flat envelopes or pouches when shipping soft items.

Shrink your packages as much as possible so there is minimal void: With dimensional weight pricing the larger your package the more you end up paying so it is important to shrink package sizes whenever possible. If you are shipping with the USPS, you can even be exempt from dim weight pricing if you keep your packages under 1 cubic foot.

If you are sending soft or flexible items, large flat envelopes or pouches are a great way to cut your costs and avoid dim weight pricing. These are not the best option for shipping breakable or delicate items but clothing, books, and other "bendable" and soft items are perfect for these cost-saving envelopes that can be found online or at your local shipping store.


#3 Rate shop multiple carriers or use software that can do it for you.

Compare the prices of different carriers and services in order to see your options, get the best price for your shipping, and make the best decision for your business. By rate shopping, you're helping your business by better controlling what you spend on shipping and giving yourself more opportunities to save. If you are only shipping with one carrier right now, you don't know what other options are available. One of the other major carriers might be able to provide faster or less expensive service for what you are sending…and you wouldn't know!

Learn more about Rate Shopping: 




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