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4 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Your Folder Inserter

February 2, 2020
Author: Caroline McManus

Folder inserters seem pretty straightforward. I mean, everything you need to know is in the name: It is a machine that folds and inserts paper into an envelope. But in today's world of increased data security, it has taken on a whole new role. According to a recent survey, only 25% of consumers believe companies handle their personal information responsibly and 87% will take their business to a competitor if they don't trust a company to handle their data responsibly. 

A high profile mistake, such as sending the wrong financial statement or medical bill to a customer, doesn't just cause PR and customer satisfaction problems, it can also have expensive legal repercussions. The solution to data security is a folder inserter paired with output management software, and despite their success, many companies—and even users themselves—are unaware of the features they have access to and how they work.


Here are 4 things you (probably) didn’t know about folder inserters:

They are high-tech: Some folder inserters can now automatically measure the length of loaded documents, as well as the envelope, and adjust all settings, making your job easier than ever. Some folder inserters even come with a full color, high-resolution screen that includes wizard-based instructions, making it easy for anyone to select and run their folding and inserting jobs.

They are all about design: Avoid storing and using pre-printed paper for your invoices, statements, marketing materials and more. By using a folder inserter paired with output management software, you can include logos and branding on your mail pieces and even send customers customized messages or enclosures, like advertisements or promotions.  

They are compliant: When it comes to regulations your folder inserter has you covered. Many folder inserters can come with output management software so you can automatically add barcodes to your envelopes and documents ensuring that the right information goes to the right customer every time.

They are secure: If by chance your folder inserter makes an error, such as inserting two pieces of paper instead of one into an envelope, your output management software sees the error, sends out a summary, and fixes the error. This guarantees that the recipients receive the correct correspondence 100% of the time.



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