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FedEx to Start Offering 7 Day Service

May 31, 2019
Author: Caroline McManus

We buy online every day, regardless if it is a weekend or not! FedEx president COO Raj Subramaniam said in last week’s interview with CNBC, that FedEx wants to meet that 24/7 need with seven-day delivery service starting in January 2020.

You heard that right, FedEx will now begin delivering on Sunday as well to meet what FedEx cited as a growing e-commerce demand for seven-day service. They see e-commerce demand going up year over year with no sign of stopping or slowing down.

FedEx will also be bringing more deliveries in house, specifically last-mile deliveries that were originally managed by the SmartPost by the Post Office. FedEx believes they now have the infrastructure to make last-mile deliveries efficiently and at a lower cost in house. 

For shippers this means more flexibility especially around those critical holiday periods when an extra day can make a big difference to consumers. FedEx's major competitor UPS currently delivers 6 days a week. We'll see how they respond to FedEx's new schedule.

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June 24, 2019 at 10:14 am
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