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It’s Not Too Late to Track Your 2017 Postage Expenses with NeoStats

December 1, 2017

With 30% off, we’ll help your budget, too


Your 2017 Postage Expense Report is Just a Few Clicks Away

NeoStats allows you to track your postage meter expenses right from your computer. When you sign up for NeoStats from, your expense reports are automatically populated with up to 24 months of data history from your postage machine, so you can easily track your 2017 postage expenses and prepare for your 2018 budget.


Monitor Upcoming Busy Mailing and Shipping Days

NeoStats makes it easy to keep track of your busiest mailing and shipping days. This holiday season, USPS® is expecting to deliver more than 15 billion mailpieces and 850 million packages; an increase of over 10% compared to last year. There is no longer a single busiest day for holiday shipping and mailing, instead the USPS has forecast its busiest weeks to be the two weeks before Christmas, beginning the week of December 11.


See Trends by Date, Mail Class, Weight and More

NeoStats Basic offers free monthly summary reports of your mailpiece volume and expenses by mail class, while NeoStats Enhanced also offers detailed trend reports by account, operator and mailpiece weight for customizable date ranges.


Track and Save!

Not only will NeoStats help you take control of your postage expenses and show you where you can save, but we are offering 30% off NeoStats Enhanced to add to your savings.


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