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Letter Folding Machines Reinvented

November 5, 2018

The new DS-64i folder inserter was just released and we wanted to know what the excitement was all about. So, we sat down with Folder Inserter expert Jim Gray to find out what makes the new DS-64i folding machine so special. 

Why did your team decide to come out with the new DS 64i? The DS-64i combines the reliability and usability of the DS-63 with some of the higher-end features of the DS-65, it is really the best of both worlds.

What features of the DS-64i are you most excited about?  

  • The new, improved Business Reply Envelope (BRE) capacity.
  • The scanning capabilities for 1D and 2D, as well as OCR barcodes.
  • The vertical stacker. The vertical stacker has a higher capacity, maintains the letter order, and holds letters neater than in a catch tray.

What is the target mail volume of a DS-64i customer?

If you are a SMB mailer doing 10k-15k a month, you need the DS 64i.

What sets this new folder inserter apart from the rest of the options on the market?

  • Its BRE capacity
  • The low noise level
  • The letter reading/scanning capabilities
  • Its ability to collate up to eight sheets.

What one feature is a huge value-add but might be overlooked?

The 50 programmable jobs. This is a huge help when it comes to speeding up processing times.

The “i” stands for intelligent; what are the intelligent features on the DS-64i?

The cutting-edge CIS scanner that reads OCR as well as 1D and 2D barcodes.


Learn more about the DS-64i and speak with a Quadient specialist to learn how it can help your business. 


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