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PRC Approves the USPS's 2021 Rates

December 4, 2020


Update | 14 Dec 2020

The USPS has updated their Postal Explorer with the finalized version of their pricing documents. If you would like to read through and download the final versions of these price documents, check out the Postal Explorer here.


It's official! USPS has joined the 2021 Rate Change crew. And with that, rate change season can officially begin with the PRC’s approving USPS's proposed 2021 postage and shipping rates. The rates are slated to take effect January 24, 2021. As of right now, the major takeaways from this approval are:

  • First-Class Mail® will see an overall increase of 1.8%.
  • Stamps and 1 oz. Letters will be remaining the same at 55 cents.
  • Certified Mail® will see an increase of 5 cents.
  • Priority Mail® Flat Rate Retail prices will be increasing an average of 2.79%. Commercial Prices will have an average increase of 4.13%.
  • Priority Mail Express® Flat Rate Retail and Commercial prices, however, will not increase in 2021.

To read through the full list of affected services and rates, you can check out USPS Notice123 via the USPS® Postal Explorer January 2021 Price Change Index or download it below.

USPS Notice123

If you would like to keep updated with all of 2021 Rate Change from all major carriers, peruse through our Rate Change Hub. There you’ll find information on current and temporary rate changes as well as can sign up for rate change news updates and webinars that dig deeper into the charges.

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