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The 7 Benefits of Online Certified Mail

March 25, 2021
Author: Melissa Sandler



7 Reasons To Do Certified Mail Online 

See how it benefits your workflow, your business and your budget!

There are so many ways to get messages out these days, but there are still many kinds of urgent business communications that need to be sent through the Post Office. When it comes to items like financial and tax documents, legal notices, overdue collections, time-sensitive notifications and many other important documents, hard copies and proof of delivery are still required.
     That’s where Certified Mail comes in. Certified Mail is a service that is exclusive to the USPS®. You can send letters or Priority Mail® flat envelopes using Certified Mail anywhere in the United States. You can even restrict the delivery to specific addressees, age groups or authorized agents.


Online Certified Mail has even more benefits…


#1 It makes mail prep easier

Just because you have to send a letter, important document or financial packet through the mail that doesn’t mean you have to prepare it manually, the old-fashioned way! No more searching for labels and address lists or writing out the “To” and “From” by hand. No more running back and forth to the Post Office. You can easily address and print Certified Mail labels right from your desktop.

  • That’s it. That’s the benefit!


#2 It can be a lot cheaper if you use an electronic Return Receipt

When you combine a Certified Mail letter with a Return Receipt, you get proof that your mail item was received. As proof, you can request a hard-copy record of the recipient’s signature or a digital one. The hard-copy Return Receipt is called a traditional “green card.” A digital copy is called an electronic Return Receipt. In terms of pricing, an electronic Return Receipt costs $1.10 less than a hard copy. So the benefit of doing your Certified Mail online is that you always use electronic Return Receipt and save up to 38% on the overall costs!

  • If you send Certified Mail frequently, the savings will add up quickly.


#3 It offers advanced tracking

No more guessing. No more waiting. With Certified Mail that also includes an electronic Return Receipt, all of your mail pieces are tracked and updated online. An online certified mail solution like our ConnectSuite e-Certify generates the official USPS® Certified Mail barcode. The USPS uses the barcode to provide tracking updates as your mail item travels to its destination, including the date and time of delivery—and even any attempts at delivery. Just like package tracking, you'll have delivery updates every step of the way.

  • With an online solution, you can track Certified Mail from your desktop. 


#4 It provides proof of mailing and delivery 

If your industry has regulatory or compliance requirements then a Certified Mail solution is essential for your business. With the USPS tracking number, you’ll have proof that the documents you sent using Certified Mail with Return Receipt were mailed and delivered.  

  • Proof of mailing. Proof of delivery.


#5 It gives you an extra layer of accountability

With an online Certified Mail tool like e-Certify, you’ll be able to track the status of your mail pieces in real-time. Keep your clients posted on the location and delivery of important documents. Or alert a contact that a mail piece is en route or about to be delivered to ensure and secure their signature. This is simply valuable business intelligence we all need to have these days!

  • No more taking chances on important documents.


#6 It allows you to store your records digitally

Delivery documentation is an important component of sending Certified Mail, but how about being able to easily access receipts securely in the cloud? In the past, many companies had to file all those green cards in order to document every delivery and save customer signatures. Now you can upgrade the entire process with an online solution and access and store all your records in one platform.

  • Access and store records as a PDF file for the long-term.


#7 It centralizes your most important business communications

We can’t stress the importance of centralizing your important mail communications in one place. With an online tool, you’ll be able to manage your process as well as your entire team in one platform. If your business is new to mail automation it can be the first step towards upgrading your mail processing.

  • Modernizes your mailroom!


See how online certified mail works

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