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The Mailroom Gear Guide

Author: Caroline McManus

Per the Wall Street Journal, the residential mailroom has gotten a major upgrade. Floor-to-ceiling windows, a rope chandelier and a reclaimed wood table are all part of the modern residential mailroom, seriously. Now, we are a long way from having floor-to-ceiling windows standard in the business mailroom. However, there have been some advances in mailroom technology worth talking about. We’ve called out our top-of-class items for you to add to your wish-list. Leave the glass chandelier behind and check out the best of the mailroom.

The Mailing System of All Mailing Systems

If you are a high-volume mailer you’ve probably heard of the IS-6000. This supersized mailing system processes up to 300 letters per minute! Plus automatic mixed mail feeding, a 15” touchscreen and a full-size keyboard make this a top-of-the-line piece of equipment. Don’t forget about shipping. With the NeoShip add-on you can create IM®pb compliant USPS® shipping labels that activate postage discounts and package tracking. Ship via FedEx® and UPS® using your previously negotiated rates. Rate shop between carriers based on lowest cost or fastest delivery.* Validate and correct addresses to ensure package deliverability. Track spending for up to 1,000 account/departments.

Now not everyone needs a mailing system capable of mailing 300 letters per minute, so we have smaller options that come with some of the king of mailing system’s features and are available with the same shipping software, NeoShip.


The Rolls-Royce of Folder Inserters

Two hundred envelopes a minute, 12,000 envelopes an hour, 800,000 mail pieces a month, the DS-1200 G4 is not messing around. If you need a lot of mail folded, tell your buddy John "sayonara," this is your new best friend. To put things in perspective, the average person can fill about 2 envelopes a minute, 120 an hour. The next time you have a letter folding pizza party think of the DS-1200 G4 and channel your inner machine. This folder inserter handles #10 and 6” x 9.5” envelopes up to 8mm thick and flats up to 10mm thick. And It can fold up to 8 sheets tri-fold, 10 20 lb sheets ½ fold. Even better, when paired with output management software it ensures that the right documents go in the right envelope every time. No more second-guessing if the wrong document was accidentally put in the wrong envelope. 

If your business is ready to make the change to a folder inserter, see your options by mail volume.


The Print-On-Everything Printer

Envelopes? It prints! Chipboard? Yes! Padded envelopes? Definitively! Corrugated cardboard? Of course! The Mach 6 is not your average printer. It not only can print out over 8,000 #10 envelopes in an hour but it can print on everything from chipboard to padded envelopes. Think of the different possibilities for your business! With two print modes, the Mach 6 gives you the flexibility to print quickly and economically or for those special jobs to print at a higher output quality and color depth. 




To see more of our products and outfit your mailroom with the hardware and software you need, go to For small business-specific solutions visit us at


*Rate comparison is between the USPS® and FedEx®. UPS® is not included in comparison. UPS® rates may be viewed separately.

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