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The New Must Have App for Quickbooks Users

April 5, 2017
Author: Bill Bonato

Preparing invoices manually takes tons of time every month. Imagine if you could automatically send invoices at the touch of a button, whether by regular mail or email. Or both. That's right, never touch another invoice by hand, even the ones that go out by regular mail. That's the pitch for NeoSendIt, the new app exclusively for Quickbooks Online. 

NeoSendIt automatically determines whether Quickbooks invoices are sent via physical post or email based on your customers choices. The invoices are processed, personalized and distributed in batches or individually as you need them. Even better, you can send invoices and access detailed tracking from any device, anywhere. No more printing, filling envelopes, addressing, stamping or waiting, documents will always reach the right customer without the need for further interaction.

  1. Satisfy customer and supplier preferences for invoicing by mail or email
  2. Personalize invoices, adding color and logos to convey a professional image
  3. Monitor send and delivery status of invoices when in or out of the office
  4. Gain a single centralized access to documents and digital record of communications
  5. Reduce storage cost and space taken up by paper-based invoices
  6. Locate invoices easily without searching through filing cabinets
  7. Add document attachments as needed
  8. Save time and cost of printing and postage 
  9. Free up time to focus on growing the business


NeoSendIt can be downloaded for free in the Apps Store

For more information visit the NeoSendIt website.

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