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Two million signed up for USPS® Informed Delivery

May 23, 2017

In a May 22 press release recapping the first days of the National Postal Forum, the USPS® announced that two million people signed up for the new Informed Delivery service highlighted in our April blog post. As a quick reminder, it’s a free feature that lets registered customers view their incoming mail via emailed images. “As promised at last year’s Forum, Informed Delivery is now available in virtually every community in America,” said the USPS Postmaster General and CEO, Megan J. Brennan, "Informed Delivery makes mail even more dynamic, adding a whole new layer to the evolution of the mail experience.” They've even added a customer engagement solution to the mix, where marketers can integrate a digital experience with their physical mailings in the form of videos with built-in calls-to-action.

With availability in almost every ZIP Code in the United States, nearly 10,000 people are signing up for the service each day—You can check if Informed Delivery is available in your area and sign up here.

Brennan captures the USPS's strong effort to shift to digital with this forward-looking quote,

Together, as an industry, we are investing in new capabilities to strengthen the value of mail in the digital world.”

In keeping with the ever-strengthening digital trend, the USPS also showcased a new advanced data platform and analytics capability for coordinated marketing campaigns called Informed Visibility. The press release states: “By providing real-time delivery data to senders, Informed Visibility allows businesses to weave together and tailor powerful integrated marketing programs based on the moment mail reaches the mailbox.” This is a big win for marketers, who now more than ever can make sure they’re delivering the right message at just the right time.

These advances are just the latest in a string of offerings that emphasize digital and utilize technology to bring the USPS into a modern era… And the new services aren’t likely to slow down any time soon.

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