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UPS Announces Simple Rate a New Flat Rate Shipping Option

December 12, 2019
Author: Caroline McManus

If you are a fan of USPS Priority Mail® flat rate shipping or FedEx®’s One Rate flat rate shipping service, I’ve got good news: UPS® is joining the flat rate shipping game with UPS® Simple Rate. We are going to give you all the information on this new service and talk about how all these flat-rate services compare.

What Is UPS Simple Rate? 

Last month UPS announced that they were starting their own flat-rate services called Simple Rate. “Simple Rate helps small businesses take the guesswork out of shipping by providing simple, fast and transparent flat rates nationwide with guaranteed on-time delivery and no special packaging required.” Said Kevin Warren UPS chief marketing officer in a press release.

UPS Simple rate is offered for parcels up to 50 lbs. in weight and you can use your boxes but they have to be within a specific size range. You can see below for the five different flat rate size options that are available.

UPS Simple Rate also offers three different delivery “speeds”: UPS Ground, UPS 3 Day Select and UPS 2nd Day Air and the prices range from $8.10 to $98.50 for the largest size and fastest speed, 2nd Day Air.

How Do the Flat Rate Shipping Services Compare? 

Right now UPS and USPS flat rate options offer multiple delivery "speeds". UPS offers UPS Ground, UPS 3 Day Select and UPS 2nd Day Air. USPS offers Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express. UPS and USPS are also the only flat-rate service that has the same flat rate for all the contiguous United States. FedEx has a tiered system that has different flat rates for different parts of the country. FedEx has the most box option with over 12 different sizes available for flat rate shipping. 

When choosing a flat-rate service be sure to look at all three carriers, UPS, FedEx, and USPS to see which have the lowest cost and fastest delivery options, there are variations between the three carriers which might end up costing you more or lead to late delivery.


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