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Vitamix Mailcenter Finds the Right Shipping Solution

September 19, 2018
I always knew that there was an option to make our mail center more cost-effective,” Jennifer said, “but it was hard to imagine the possibilities available to me without having experienced them.”

Shipping Costs Were Unnecessarily High

Vitamix had no problem creating top-of-the-line food-preparation equipment. The problem the company faced was unnecessarily expensive shipping costs. Vitamix Mailroom Coordinator Jennifer McRae is in charge of all Vitamix mailing operations. One of her roles is to find the best way to ship cookbooks, products, product-part replacements and marketing materials. Most Vitamix departments chose expensive parcel carrier options when shipping packages. Those expenses quickly added up.

Watch the video to see how NeoShip provided significant savings for the Vitamix Mailcenter.




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