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What is a Folder Inserter? Q&A With Quadient Mail Expert Peter Beal

July 27, 2022

Folder Inserter, Envelope Stuffer, Folding Machine...So Many Different Names, But What Is It?

In this article, we're answering all the top folder inserter questions and showing you what's new with Quadient's DS-40i Folder Inserter. We sat down with our Director of Document Solutions Peter...

July 2022 USPS Rate Change Webinar Resources

Did you miss the recent Parcel Carrier Rate Change Webinar? Or maybe you’d like to review the information again?

You can access the resources of the webinar by clicking on the links below. We hope the information will help you manage your mailing and shipping costs and reduce the time it...

What is...Presorting?

June 28, 2022

Article Updated: June 28, 2022

Presorting is the process of grouping mail pieces by zip code before delivering them to the Post Office. Organizing your mail by delivery destination is one way to lower postage costs. When you group mail together by zip code it helps the Postal Service save...

USPS to Slow Delivery of First-Class Package Service (FCPS)


On May 1, the Postal Service will implement changes to the First-Class Package Service (FCPS) service standards. According to USPS, modifying these service standards will allow for additional transport time for long-distance package deliveries and increase network efficiencies.


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