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2021 Workplace Resolutions

January 20, 2021
Author: Demetri Smith


There's never a better time to implement new saving hacks than at the top of a new year. After all, whose resolution isn't to save more money? Here are five ways Quadient can help you become workflow savvy!



1. Automation Transformation

Toss out the tedious manual tasks for...

What Is Informed Delivery?

December 9, 2020

Pat Mango is a 20-year veteran of the mailing industry. He was the Manager of Postal Relations at Quadient USA, responsible for creating and implementing postal initiative programs in support of Quadient's Postal Relations team. Now Pat works at the USPS® , but he still provides us essential...

PRC Approves the USPS's 2021 Rates

December 4, 2020


Update | 14 Dec 2020

The USPS has updated their Postal Explorer with the finalized version of their pricing documents. If you would like to read through and download the final versions of these price documents, check out the Postal Explorer here.


It's official! USPS has joined the 2021...

USPS Helps Make Sure Your Presents Make It to the Chimney on Time

Christmas is just under a month away. While some of us may not be able to spend this holiday season with our family, Santa and his friends at the post office are still on call to help make your season magical. And that means helping to make sure your gifts get there on time.

On their Holiday...

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