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Mail Remotely

Send mail from any office, at any time. 

With most office staff now working remotely, it’s become a challenge to produce and send large batches of invoices, estimates and monthly statements. Now you can send mail from the cloud, right from your home office. With Impress, the entire mail process is done for you on demand, so you can oversee other areas of business.

Impress gives you the power to mail remotely. Have your mail printed, sorted, folded, and metered and then delivered to the Post Office—all without leaving your desk. 

All you have to do is go online!

  • Scalable for any business
  • Reduces errors
  • Lowers costs
  • Maintains workflow

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How Does Remote Mailing Work?

With Impress, your mail will be printed, prepped and routed for delivery at one of our advanced mail production facilities using a secure and automated process. Every document processed is tracked with a unique identifier, which allows for real-time status of each individual piece of mail.

Mailing From the Home Office Is as Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Upload Files

Simply upload your files to create a digital copy for mailing.

2. Choose Delivery 

Send communications through the postal office, email or client portal!


3. Access Dashboard

Track mail runs and real-time delivery status of each mail piece online.



Mail Outsourcing Features At-A-Glance


 Mail Automation

Mail prep is done for you, so remote businesses can automate the process and focus on other areas of business.


Flawless Security

Barcode security is built into each document, so customers only receive their intended mail.





Reduced Postage Costs

Gain access to valuable postage discounts, address correction, and presort prices.


Ensured Traceability

Every printed document processed is tracked with a unique identifier, which allows for real-time status of each important document. 



Why Companies choose Impress

This service has allowed employees working remotely to bill out accordingly. It has improved the turnaround time for bills to be resolved as well."
Rachel Bruce
We opted for Quadient's outsourced solution, and now we use the service to send 100% of our mail."
Olivier Bouzat
Technical and Accounting Manager at C.G.S.
Quadient’s hands-on advice was excellent. The solution has allowed us to continue to grow our business and free up administration staff."
Matthew Bush
Finance Director, Rabart Decorating Centres
Quadient has allowed me to share the responsibility of mail submission with all employees, including those that are remote."
Tiffany Legel
Director of Healthcare and Billing Operations, Accelerated Claims, Inc
I am the only financial person in the office. Having Quadient Impress has allowed me to continue to do my job in a timely manner while still getting the church members their statements in the allotted time."
Gracie Everett
CFO, West Rome Baptist Church, Rome, Georgia


Increase Productivity


Get mail done in no time and focus on more important business tasks. 


Speed Up Invoicing Time


Send invoices as they are created so your business receives payment sooner. 


Multi-Channel Options


Prepare and deliver your mail through the post office, or choose email or a client portal.

Health, Finance, Legal and Companies That Value Security Use Impress


Our state-of-the-art facilities are certified to provide the highest level of mail security. Impress  is compliant with privacy rules and regulatory requirements for the major health, finance, legal and information security management industries. You can be confident that your mail is secure and sent to the right customer, every time!

  • Finra
  • SSAE18
  • ISAE 3402 Type 2
  • ISMS

Let's help you mail remotely!

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