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Are you READY for the new USPS® rates?
The IS-280 updates rates easily! Plus, as of July 10th, 2022 you save 5% on every First-Class™ letter.


The Simple, Powerful Mailing Solution

Perfect for your small business or home office, the IS-280 gets you the postage discounts you need in one easy-to-use package.

  • Save 3 cents on every First-Class letter
  • Process mail faster than ever - 18 letters per minute!
  • Ship overnights, flats, packages and Priority Mail®

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How a Postage Meter Can Benefit Your Business


Save 5% on Postage


Skip the post office. Ditch the stamps. Save 3 cents on First-Class letters.



Get Mail Done Fast!


Process up 18 letters per minute and get your mail out the door!



Quadient vs. Others


Other companies may sneak extra fees into the fine print. See how we compare!

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Join the Thousands of Businesses That Love Quadient Folder Inserters

Able to have staff working up to their hourly wage in value. Staff are very appreciative that this time is recaptured - so they can focus on bringing in revenue vs. stuffing envelopes and applying postage."
Anna Shields
CFO, Jim's Pharmacy & Home Health
We are now able to comply with regulation standards, provide higher efficiency, and reduce manual labor significantly."
April Bishop
Operations Manager, 1st Financial FU of Maryland
The Quadient folder inserter is a great benefit now because we had a reduction in the workforce, and this machine allows the employees we still have to focus on tasks, as opposed to taking up a conference room to have legacy folding parties."
Craig Battle
Director, Facilities Management, United Way of Greater Houston
We spend less hours manually stuffing envelopes which allows us to perform value added work instead."
Gabby Estrada
Alastin Skincare, Inc.
We are still ramping up our usage of Quadient. However, our first effort was using Quadient Automation, and it has been a huge win for everyone. We streamlined a manual process of collating printed pages of documents what used to take 6-8 ma n hours per day to collate is now done in minutes."
IT Specialist
Large Enterprise Insurance Company
I am now able to send out statements to all of our tenants in 5 to 10mins tops."
Joe Aguilos
Student Housing Coordinator, Rose Hill Asset Management Corporation
The Quadient System can be operated by one person to do the job of three to four people."
Jonathan Hernandez
Asbury Environmental Services
Our month end statement process used to take 5 people about 3 days to complete (sorting, folding, stuffing) now it takes 1 person about 4 hours maximum."
Julie B
Accounts Receivable Manager, ADAM'S Pest Control, Inc.
It gives us fewer things to worry about because it automatically handles the postage rates without us having to even learn about them. We just put the mail through and have no worries about it being correct."
Mari Ryan
Colorado Academy
We love the ability to process correctly high volumes of mailings and sending out parcels with the correct pricing."
Rob Pollard
Western Reserve Academy
As a Medical billing office, the Quadient mailing system is great for statements and bills to various insurance companies."
Tony Haula
Business Manager, Radiologic Consultants, LLC
We use the Quadient folder inserter for our school mailings; the equipment helps make large mailings significantly faster and easier."
Victoria Williams
Harborfields Central School District
We use the Quadient folder inserter for our school mailings; the equipment helps make large mailings significantly faster and easier."
Victoria Williams
Harborfields Central School District
We send about 1,000 letters a day. Without our folder inserter, our employees would have to fold and stuff them manually. With an inserter, it only takes one person, and it's much quicker."
Lisa Nabity
Auto Recovery Specialists INC
With Quadient I can create a 100,000-piece tax job in minutes rather than hours with the confidence that I'm outputting what we expect."
Chris Christiansen
The Quadient folder inserter has made the mailing process more automated."
Adolfo Castano
Project Manager | City of Beverly Hills
With the Quadient folder inserter, it makes the mailing jobs much easier to finish on time and increases the amount of mailings we do."
Charleigh Nelson
International Business Ventures
The Quadient folder inserter helps sales employees get their mailings together in a neat and timely manner."
Dave Ebert
Logistics Manager, Pittsburgh Pirates
The Quadient folder inserter eliminates manual labor usually required to fold checks."
Floyd Smith
Sr. Manager Accounts Payable | California Pizza Kitchen
Our Quadient inserter folds and seals refund and A/P checks faster than hand folding and it sends checks out in a timely manner for our customers. We have high volumes of checks that have to go out and the machine makes it easier for us to complete our goal."
Gloria Benavidez
Xcel Energy
With our Quadient folder inserter, we have increased productivity and decreased labor costs."
Heath Card
Operations Manager, Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation
With our Quadient folder inserter, we have a reduction in manual mail-assembly processes as well as an increase in employee and user satisfaction."
Janet Lee Preston
United Parcel Service
I mail out over a thousand envelopes a month. So, having the Quadient inserter fold and seal envelopes with speed and accuracy is time-saving for me."
Jessica Landry
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services
Ecotrend Ecologics Ltd. has received exceptional customer service from Quadient. I was extremely stressed out from shenanigans with another mailing machine supplier and Quadient came to the rescue. They went above and beyond. I recommend them to anyone!"
Ecotrend Ecologics Ltd.
The Quadient service techs arrive within 24 hours and help to adjust the folding machine so it will work. The techs also teach us and give us tricks to help service the machine ourselves."
Kay Robst
Home Buyers Warranty Corporation
What used to take us a week now only takes us one day. We have fully automated the mail prep process with Folder Inserters."
Peter Wilshaw
IT Manager, Claim Eazy
Now that we have a folder inserter, we can see that it's a vital piece of equipment. It makes everyone's job easier, including mine!  "
John Pickard
United Consumer Finance
We are a medical billing company and the Quadient system is great for preparing statements and bills to insurance companies!"
Tony Hanula
Radiologic Consultants, Ltd.
In the past, it would take five volunteers two full days to prepare direct mail to go to 4,500 donors. "
Irene Timmons
Make-A-Wish Foundation
The Quadient folder inserter is a workhorse!"
Becky Applegate
Robinson Helicopters
It used to take me about six hours to fold and insert my monthly statement run. And now it takes an hour and 15 minutes from beginning to end."
Peter Gibson
Andover Newton Theological School
This folder inserter has made a significant contribution to our company's performance and a real difference to the bottom line of our mailing process.
Steve Beeching
Director, FCS LaserMail
The Quadient folding machine is a vital piece of equipment. It makes everybody's job easier, including mine."
John Pickard
United Consumer Finance


All the Essential Features Your Business Needs at a Glance:

Weighing Platform 

Never guess again on postage. The standard 2 lb. weighing platform ensures you get the correct weight of each mail piece, every time.


Rate Wizard

Simplify the time-consuming process of selecting the correct postal rate and class for each item with the rate wizard. 


Shortcut Keys

Easily access the most commonly used postal rates, as well as customize and save the settings of your most frequent jobs. 

Processing speed
Up to 18 letters per minute
Job Imprint Memories
Imprint Customization
8 standard, 2 open advertising slogans
10 custom personalized text messages
Automatically printed mail class
Account Reporting and Control
1 department standard
5,10 department upgrade (optional)
iMeter™ Apps
Seamless USPS® rate downloads
Postage usage tracking and reporting by department, postal class, time period
Low-ink email alerts
Remote diagnostics
Remote access to postal and department usage
Commercial Rate discounts for Express Mail® and Priority Mail®
Track, confirm and save when utilizing discounted rates for USPS® Extra Services
12.5" x 8.8" x 7.6"
Envelope Dimensions
Minimum: 3.5" x 5"
Maximum: 12" x 15"
Thickness: 5/16"
Orientation: Portrait or landscape
Materials Handling
Postcards, letters, small packages
Envelope Feeding
Integrated Scale
2lb. standard
5lb. optional
High-speed internet (LAN)
iMeter™ PC link

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