USPS® Announces a New Price Change Effective July 10, 2022! Get a breakdown of the proposed new rates and the major changes >

Are you READY for the new USPS® rates? You save 5% on every First-Class™ letter!


A "Green Machine" With All the Quality at a Reduced Price

Perfect for your small business or home office, the IS-330 gets you the quality and features your business needs with refurbished mailing equipment at a lower cost than a new IN-360. 

  • The same warranty and service protection that comes standard with new machines

  • Our meticulously tested "green machine" means you can also reduce your footprint

  • Cost-efficiency that helps your company and the environment 

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How a Postage Meter Can Benefit Your Business


Save 5% on Postage


Postage meter users get USPS® discounts on their First-Class Mail pieces saving over $1,200 a year!*.



Process All Mail Items


Postage meters can process your letters, flats and postcards in record time with minimal effort. 


Quadient vs. the Competition


Other companies may sneak fees and charges into the fine print. Do the research yourself and see how Quadient stacks up!

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*Savings based on sending 100 letters a day/6 days a week at a retail rate of $.55 per letter/discount rate of $.51 per letter. 

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Transform Your Postage Meter into a Shipping Hub

If you are using your postage meter to ship you are missing out on valuable discounts and the ability to track important mail and packages. Find out how this is possible by simply adding Neoship to your meter. 


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You Are Spending More than You Think...

Looking for a change from traditional stamps, multi-step online postage, or those other postage meter companies? Make an informed decision and find the best mailing solution for your business. 

  • Learn your options
  • Evaluate your mailing and shipping needs
  • See who comes out on top for your business needs


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