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2023 Mailing and Shipping Rate Increase

December 2, 2022


It's official.  The postage rates are now approved: it's time to prepare for a Mailing & Shipping Rate Increases in January.

As always, we have all the details so you can plan ahead and avoid any unexpected charges. See what services are affected, get all the rates, and tips on how to save!


Here’s a quick review of the significant changes: 


  • USPS® Postal Rate Change: 

Rate Change Effective Date: Jan. 22, 2023

Average Increase: First-Class Mail prices are approximately 4.2 %

Affected Services and new prices: 

  • Letters (1 oz.): 63 cents
  • Letters (metered 1 oz.): 60 cents
  • Domestic Postcards: 48 cents
  • International Postcards: $1.45
  • International Letter (1 oz.): $1.45
  • Certified Mail: not published yet
  • Post Office Box rental fees
  • Money order fees
  • Cost to purchase insurance when mailing an item

There will be no change to the single-piece letter and flat additional-ounce price, which remains at 24 cents. All of the official rates files are not published yet, as soon as they will be available, our mailing experts are going to review them and update you with the details and tips to help you save money. The complete Postal Service price filings with the new proposed prices for all products can be found here.


  • FedEx® Shipping Rate Change

Rate Change Effective Date: Jan. 2, 2023

Average Increase: rates will increase an average of 6.9% 

Affected Services: 

  • FedEx Express
  • FedEx Ground
  • FedEx Freight

Learn more on our article or on FedEx site


  • UPS® Shipping Rate Change

Rate Change Effective Date: Dec 27, 2022

Average Increase: UPS SurePost services will increase an average of 6.9%. 

To view the rates, visit the UPS SurePost rates webpage.

Effective March 26, 2023, one of the following will apply to SurePost packages that meet certain criteria: Non-Standard Cube Charge, Non-Standard Extra Length Charge, Non-Machinable Charge, Non-Standard Length Charge

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