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City Municipality Streamlines Mailing Process with Neotouch

June 4, 2018
Neotouch Document Delivery is easy-to-use, has saved us money, and has given me back more time in my work day.

When Leon Valley’s Public Works Department sent out one of thousands of mail pieces per month it was a complex process. Yvonne Acuna, the Billing Clerk, would spend half a work day each month manually preparing each piece. This prep included purchasing multi-colored paper stock, collating notices, printing communication, loading and running the inserter, as well as metering and mailing each envelope.  

With a high volume of mail going out containing private customer information, the biggest challenge Leon Valley faced was mitigating the risk of mistakenly sending the wrong notice to a customer, tracking documents in real-time, and minimizing the time employees spent on prepping mail.

In the past Leon Valley employees spent 4-5 hours prepping mail each month. But now, Public Works Director, Melinda Moritz, responded that Neotouch saves them time and money. “With Neotouch we were able to reallocate a large portion of Yvonne’s responsibilities from time-consuming administrative tasks and re-focus her attention on key department priorities. We increased overall department productivity as well as continue to save money on billing expenses.”  


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