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Irresistible Mail: "When Paper and Pixels Converge"

September 12, 2017

The USPS® launched a website,, where you can go to learn about the endless possibilities when innovative print and technology join forces to create powerful and interactive experiences; in other words, “When paper and pixels converge.”

The site outlines twelve leading-edge innovations, including:

  1. Virtual Reality: Immersive, interactive and exhilarating 360-degree storytelling puts your brand front and center.
  2. Textured Mail: Amplify your message with expressive inks and varnishes.
  3. Near Field Communication: Embedded microchips empower your mail pieces to connect customers to your brand online, without an app.
  4. Augmented Reality: Layer digital graphics over your customer's real-life surroundings.
  5. Out-of-the-box Formatting: Innovative folds and 3-D structures can surprise and delight recipients.
  6. Video: Add video content into your mail piece with an embedded screen, video-enhanced print and more.
  7. QR Codes: A quick scan with a smartphone opens up a realm of digital possibilities.
  8. Digital-to-Direct: Leverage online behavior to convert shoppers offline.
  9. Buy Now: Incorporate instant-purchase technology with the "Buy" button on social media.
  10. Trackable Data: Enable smarter campaign results with enhanced analytics and insights for your direct mail campaigns.
  11. Variable Data Printing: Incorporate customized text, images and promotions for mail with a personal touch to every recipient.
  12. Neuroscience: Elevate your campaigns by understanding how to leverage and optimize the marketing power of mail for your business.


Stay tuned each month as we dive into each of these areas in our new "Modern Mail for Marketers" blog series.

Plus, you can read even more in this recent article in Mailing Systems Technology by Vincent DeAngelis, the Vice President, Postal Relations and Shipping Product Management for Quadient USA. 


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