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The Top 4 Ways You Can Optimize Your Folder Inserter

October 3, 2019
Author: Caroline McManus

Small steps you can take to take your customer communications to the next level!

We know that the document creation, preparation and distribution process is a lot more than just the folding, stuffing and inserting your folder inserter does. That’s why we want you to know about some tools that can help you not just fold stuff and seal with your folder inserter but take your customer communications to the next level: being automated, secure, personalized, multi-channel and more!


1. Add 2D barcodes to your documents:

Why would I ever barcode my customer communications? That’s a great question. It sounds like a small thing, but adding barcodes to documents secures your mail process, speeds up productivity and can save you money.

Barcodes identify for the folder inserter mail pieces that go to the same recipient so there are no more pulling exceptions, manually merging documents for the same customers, flagging certain customers for special BREs or marketing mail pieces. That information is now all in the secure barcode.

Plus with barcodes, there is no double or triple-checking that the right documents were put into the right envelopes. We guarantee that sensitive customer information is going to the right person


2. Add address validation:

Your customers cannot pay a bill they never receive, which makes it especially important that you keep your customer addresses up-to-date. This can be done by adding address validation software to your business’s outgoing mail process.

11 percent of invoices are paid late because the customer never received the invoice."

3. Consider multi-channel delivery:

More than 60% of businesses believe that e-Delivery is going to be the main source of customer communications within the next five years. However, most companies still use print mail as the primary or only way they communicate with customers.

E-Delivery doesn’t have to be complicated or overturn your entire business process. It can be used along with print communications or just for specific types of communication.

E-Delivery is the ability to send invoices or other important communications via email. When companies say they are “going paperless” this is what they mean! Now most organizations—and customers—still want both paper and email delivery options. Finding the right mix of delivery methods, print and digital, for your company can meaningfully impact your business by improving customer satisfaction, increasing business productivity, and saving on mailing costs.


4. Consider outsourcing:

Savvy business leaders know where their company’s strengths lie and when it is best to hand tasks over to a professional third party. For many businesses preparing and sending invoices every day or month is a disruption—and a costly one. If this sounds like your business it might be time to look at outsourcing part or even all of your outgoing mail.

With Quadient mailing software, you choose how you want documents prepared or sent, in-house or outsourced. If you choose out-of-house your documents will be electronically sent to a print and mailing facility that has the latest print technology. This ensures that your mail looks professional and it allows you the benefit of top technology without paying an exorbitant amount. Most print technology costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and the expense in employee time and resources can often be more.

After the documents arrive digitally the print house processes your mail with best-in-class security. This ensures that if you are in highly regulated industries—including healthcare, insurance or finance—you are fully compliant and covered for any HIPPA or regulatory audits.

Finally, the documents are sent via the customer’s preferred channel, print or email. And then the process starts all over again. Whether you are sending 1 or 1,000 documents at a time outsourcing can handle it. The next time you review your business processes with your team be sure to consider outsourcing and how it can play a role in your workflow.


What are the Benefits of Mail Outsourcing?

  1. Reduce your operational, production and postage costs.
  2. Access the latest printer technology and industry expertise.
  3. Free up staff and other company resources for other higher-value, revenue-generating tasks.
  4. Eliminate equipment rentals, maintenance, and storage.
  5. Improve operational efficiency.


You’ve already taken the first step of automating and optimizing your mail process by getting a folder inserter now take it to the next level with automated, secure, personalized and multi-channel customer communications. Talk with a Quadient rep today and get a free demo!

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