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What Intelligence Can Do For You

May 1, 2018
Author: Milda Leonard

Quadient USA introduces Intelligent Inserting Packages, combining its hardware and software products, as a part of a complete document integrity solution. All new Quadient USA desktop and mid-range DS-Series folder/inserters now include barcode-reading technology and are available with a cloud-based OMS-500 output management solution. Adding the barcode-reading feature to the traditional folder/inserter and combining it with an intelligent output management solution reduces the risks associated with manually processing documents while automating this labor-intensive practice. In tandem, this document integrity solution maximizes efficiency while adding an imperative layer of security to ensure that the right content is sent to the right person.                       

The Intelligent Inserting Package featuring an OMS-500 Cloud Trial allows customers to:

Secure mail preparation - Generate intelligent barcodes to ensure the secure placement of documents into the right envelopes for the intended recipient.

Increase efficiency – Automate mail preparation and reduce human error by eliminating document pre-processing prior to folding and inserting.

Boost productivity – OMS-500 can group multiple documents together for the same customer or create print batch output groups based on envelope size, saving time and resources.

The highly scalable OMS-500 cloud solution operates on the award-winning Microsoft Azure platform, which eliminates costly infrastructure and IT resources typically required to manage software on company servers. At any time, customers can upgrade to a full license or subscription for OMS-500 and take advantage of its full suite of revenue-driving and cost-saving benefits:

  • Add branding and personalized marketing content to target customers based on specific criteria
  • Correct addresses, add intelligent mail barcodes and auto-pre-sort to optimize postal costs
  • Deliver digital or print documents based on customer preference

Quadient’s USA’s Intelligent Inserters combined with OMS-500 cloud-based output management software offer a powerful value proposition as a unique, best-in-class solution that can help reduce risk, reduce costs, ensure compliance, and promote customer satisfaction.

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