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What Is e-Delivery and How it Can Help Your Business?

October 3, 2019
Author: Caroline McManus

How “going paperless” can help your business reduce DSO, improve customer communications and more

More than 60% of businesses believe that e-Delivery is going to be the main source of customer communications within the next five years. However, most companies still use print mail as the primary or only way they communicate with customers.

E-Delivery doesn’t have to be complicated or overturn your whole business process. It can be used along with print communications or just for specific types of communication.


What is e-Delivery?

E-Delivery is the ability to send invoices or other important communications via email. When companies say they are “going paperless” this is what they mean! Now most organizations—and customers—still want both paper and email delivery options. Finding the right mix of delivery methods, print and digital, for your company can meaningfully impact your business by improving customer satisfaction, increasing business productivity, and saving on mailing costs.


What are the benefits of e-Delivery?

E-Delivery is a big benefit to customers but most companies don’t know if can also help them. Reaching customers through their preferred channel can help you get paid quicker, cut your postage and mailing costs, and allow you to track email sends and open rates.

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: With e-Delivery you can send customer important invoices or statements right to their inbox. For many customers, this is a value-add to being with your company and something that will help them look favorably on your business.
  • Boosted Productivity and Reduced DSO: By being able to send important documents digitally, you can get customer payments faster and you can track the delivery and open rates. This enables businesses to quickly fix deliverability issues, and be able to send reminder emails and have proof of delivery.
  • Customer Data Is Secure: Electronic delivery ensures that customers receive the right communications every time. No more double-checking envelopes! Plus customer information is secure within the cloud.

To learn more about adding e-Delivery to your outgoing mail process contact your Quadient representative or set up a free demo! We promise it will be painless!


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