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What is UPS SurePost®?

February 7, 2022


UPS SurePost® is an economy, residential, ground service. UPS makes the shipment pick-up and the final mile delivery is typically provided by the U.S. Postal Service! That’s what makes it a cheaper option for shippers.


How does UPS SurePost® work?

  1. USP picks up your UPS and UPS SurePost® packages during regular pick-ups
  2. Your packages are processed within the UPS Ground service network to the UPS operation closest to the final receiver
  3. Your packages are processed in the UPS destination facility for final mile delivery
  4. Your UPS SurePost® packages are transferred to the closest USPS® center
  5. USPS® delivers your UPS SurePost® package to the receiver

What can I send with UPS SurePost®?

UPS SurePost® has been created for small and lightweight, low-value, not time-sensitive packages.

What are the advantages of UPS SurePost®?

  • Prepare and ship your UPS and UPS SurePost® at the same time
  • Low-cost service
  • Full UPS Tracking except for the last mile
  • USPS® will deliver your package

How long does it take for my UPS SurePost® to be delivered? 

The estimated delivery time is 2 to 7 days to US-48 destinations. Non-US 48 destinations will have longer transit times.

Who should use UPS SurePost®?

UPS SurePost® is ideal for residential customers who prefer a low-cost service with light features and who ship more than 20 packages a month.


Learn more on UPS Website

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