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What the USPS Is Focusing On in 2018 and Beyond…

August 3, 2018
Author: Caroline McManus

The USPS® recently released their annual spending plans for 2018 to 2028 and they are focused on...vehicles, IT, facilities, and equipment. The vehicles are no surprise. Talk of revamping the USPS vehicle fleet has been around for a while and we all know the 149 billion pieces of mail that go out every year aren’t going to deliver themselves! But the USPS shows it is looking to adapt to the changing times with an emphasis on shipping, cybersecurity, and automation. For the full study check out the government site, for our abbreviated breakdown, keep reading below:

821 Million will be mostly for those shiny, new vehicles beginning in 2019 and continuing until 2028. It seems about time, most of the existing delivery fleet was acquired in the late 80s and per the USPS, maintenance costs are becoming too much of a drag. There is no unveiling of a new vehicle yet, the USPS is testing prototypes and has still not decided on any one design, but in the meantime it if fun to imagine

541 Million is spending for IT, which includes cybersecurity, mail-scanning solutions and customer support equipment. It is also for the new Informed Visibility program which provides tracking and reporting of mail shipments for commercial mailers.  

607 Million will be for facilities! Now most of the money will go to maintaining existing facilities but some spending will go to some new high-tech facilities like the new mail-processing facility in Nashville, TN. These facilities will be built with shipping growth in mind and will accommodate large package volumes. A new facility opened up recently in Portland, OR, and it is one big, high-tech space!

464 Million goes to maintaining or replacing existing equipment used to process mail and purchasing new equipment. USPS officials say that they are looking to reduce costs and improve customer service with mail processing automation. 

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