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Don't Be April Fooled!

March 21, 2021
Author: Melissa Sandler


Looking for a postage machine?

Watch out for these tricks...

Beware of the tricks used by some postage meter vendors that can cost you time and money. We’ve done our research and uncovered some of the most common issues you should look out for:

Hidden Costs/Fees

Before signing on the dotted line, ask about the total cost of ownership. For example, do you need to pay for rate updates, equipment, maintenance, postage labels or print head replacements? Understand the estimated monthly supply costs for your postage machine, including the cost of ink, tapes, sealing fluid and other supplies. And don’t forget to ask about any cancellation feeds, rental rate increases, or other additional fees they may have "forgotten" to mention!

Fine Print Surprises

We’ve all been there. You skim all that legalese, sign and initial. You trust that your vendor is being upfront and honest, but suddenly six months into your contract, you realize you’ve been bamboozled. Before you sign a contract, ask for a copy of the official terms and conditions and read through the document with a highlighter. Ask a coworker to read it as well and then compare notes!

Disappearing Representatives

Ever have a company rep pull a disappearing act on you? When choosing a mail machine, it's also important to consider the right business partner. That's because you want to have a long-term partnership in place as your business changes and grows. Don’t hesitate to ask if your vendor’s support team is based in the U.S. Also take the time to read some reviews online so you get a sense of a company's customer satisfaction ratings before you decide.

No Transparency

Not all postage machine vendors are the same. While you'll want to evaluate the actual machine, you'll also want to find a company you actually like that will understand your business needs. Visit our Compare Meters page to see how Quadient performs against the competition in three major categories: 1. quality, 2. price transparency, and 3. customer service. Read through the clear side-by-side comparisons and download the pdfs. Your search for the best mailing system just got a whole lot easier!



Q&A: What to ask a postage meter company before you sign a contract

Here are the top 10 most important questions to ask your vendor when considering a postage meter for your office:

1. What machines are available for my mail volume and how fast are they?
A vendor may make a recommendation, but be sure to have a ballpark number of items you mail each month so you can better evaluate your options.

2. What is the cost for extras (if needed) and can they be added to any of the machines?
Consider if you need any extra features like sealing, stacking, and feeding and have these costs itemized. Be sure to check if the company has any bundled opportunities. This is a great way to affordably add a shipping or outsourcing option to your mail process.

3. What is the estimate of the total monthly supply cost for each machine (per impression)?
This should include the cost of ink, tapes and sealing fluid! Make sure you ask so there are no surprises down the road.

4. What is the total cost of ownership?
Technically, you can't buy a postage meter, but you can lease or rent one from an authorized company. That's because postage is considered a form of currency, and it's protected by federal law. The first thing to do is to determine whether leasing or renting offers the best option for your company. Then find out if your contract is price protected and for how long. Avoid getting lured in by an introductory price that increases every year. Ask if you need to pay for rate updates, additional equipment, maintenance, postage labels, and print head replacements.

5. What type of connection do your units offer?
Determine if your office needs LAN, PC, Wireless or Modem connections.

6. Is there an extra cost to refill the postage meter?
Some vendors will actually charge you a fee to add paid postage to your meter!

7. Is there a minimum balance required on the machine at all times?
Some vendors may require a minimum balance fee if your machine falls below their mandated threshold.

8. What is your policy for getting postage funds back after the meter is returned?
Each vendor has its own policy, so be sure to ask. 

9. Are there any special Terms and Conditions?
Take a good look at your T&Cs document for hidden fees or stipulations. 

10. What are all the possible monthly and long-term fees?
This can be a good way to get the overview, but be sure to double-check the answers against any proposals.

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