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Why People Choose Quadient Over Competitors

The Quadient postage meter is easy. It's locked, loaded, ready to go, and trouble-free."
Rick's Plumbing Service
Quadient has been a great partner. We previously had Pitney Bowes."
Christine Freitas
Zwicker & Associates, P.C
The Quadient system is great for mailing statements and bills to insurance companies."
Radiologic Consultants Ltd
I chose Quadient over a competitor years ago and have been happy since."
HJ Graham Agency
HJ Graham Agency
The Quadient system is easy to operate, and it's more affordable than the competitors."
Tony Brito
Compliance Officer, NJ State Government
With our Quadient mailing system, we receive better pricing than we did with our previous Pitney Bowes product."
Bamvakais & O’Keefe, P.C.
Quadient's hands-on advice has allowed us to grow our business and free-up staff."
Matthew Bush, Finance Director
Rabart Decorating Centres
Way better than the old dinosaur we had! Modern, fast and accurate. Love it!"
Bates & Ely PLLC
We have a much more efficient document management and delivery process. It now takes less than 60 minutes.
Ben Zises
CEO, TriArch Real Estate Group
The Quadient mailing system is great, easy to use, and they have great customer service."
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Quadient machines save hours of stuffing and stamping envelopes by hand."
Alternative Home Health Care
With Quadient, I stopped being nickel and dimed with fees and charges."
Data Lab Corporation
I like the integrated scale, which is something I didn't have with our Pitney Bowes meter. Quadient was just the best option available for the price."
Exchange Club Fair of Charleston
Quadient was the best option available for the price. I also like the integrated scale, which is something I didn't have with our PB meter. "
Exchange Club Fair of Charleston