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"Look Mom, No Hands!"

May 23, 2017

Introducing Neotouch: Turnkey Mail Prep & Delivery

Imagine sending a batch of invoices without ever having to place a single stamp. Or maybe your customer prefers email... or even text... Anyone else have just one customer who prefers fax? That’s where Neotouch comes in. Today’s changing business landscape is shaped by customer demand for quicker, more efficient interactions catered to their preferences. And as consumers, we want the best solution for our needs… and we want it fast. This mindset has led to a major shift toward digital solutions for industries across the board; mailing and shipping are no exception.

Neotouch is a web-based solution to handle the preparation and delivery of customer business communications in just a few clicks – without the need for downloads, installations or software integration. Seriously. We’ve enhanced the preparation and delivery of customer business communications for the digital age with a turnkey solution that makes sending invoices, statements, contracts, reminder letters (and any other documents you can think of), as easy as clicking your mouse.

When everyday business processes are made more efficient, businesses can pass along those benefits to their customers in a variety of ways, like quicker delivery speed and higher cost savings. These types of turnkey digital solutions can sometimes be inaccessible for small and medium-sized businesses, as they often don’t have the same bandwidth or resources as their larger industry competitors. Not to mention that the solution must seamlessly integrate into the customer’s existing way of doing things or risk too high a barrier for adoption... Well, Neotouch has got you covered.

You can send any combination of email, mail, SMS and fax communications to cater to your customer’s preferences. We’ll even print, sort, stuff, meter and deliver your mail pieces to the post office for you on the same day… No sweat. Plus, we’ll provide you with all the tracking info so you know when it’s reached the recipient.


Whether you need to send one letter or a thousand, jump on the digital trend and make your everyday business processes more efficient with Neotouch. Visit the Neotouch page for more info about how Neotouch makes mailing simple.


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