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Modern Mail for Marketers: Textures

November 28, 2017

In a recent blog post, we released an overview of modern mailing technologies that we're covering in the months to come, inspired by the Irresistible Mail site from the USPS®. This month's topic is textures and varnishes.

A simple things like expressive ink or an eye-catching varnish can take your message and amplify it for recipients. Though consumers may be exposed to your brand and messaging through other media, like television or out-of-home media, physical mail allows them to touch and interact with your brand's identity.

Adding textures that express your brand, like a calendar made from drinkable tea leaves by a tea company, bring an unexpected and delightful element into the messaging mix. How about adding a thermal ink to reveal a secret message or promotional code for a spy movie? These pieces and more are examples of how mail can create immersive experiences that let customers interact with brand from their living room.


Adding texture to one particular mail piece increased sales by 150% for a telecom company, according to the Canada Post. From varnishes to coatings to embossments, these textures can turn a flat mail piece into a multi-sensory experience that keeps your brand top of mind.

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