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New Features for NeoStats: Weight Break Reporting

June 20, 2017

NeoStats now does more than just track your postage spend by mail class and department. Version 3 has just launched, with many great new features. In addition to overall improved navigation and postage machine information, NeoStats now offers detailed weight break reporting on your mail pieces.

Why is weight break reporting important?

Keeping track of postal costs can be complex. Different rates apply to different classes and weights of mail, whether it’s first-class, postcards, metered or recorded/priority mail. Regular increases to postal rates add to this complexity.

To track what you are spending - and, more importantly, to make sure you are always spending your budget wisely - small businesses need to carefully monitor the volume and weight of the mail pieces you are sending out.

Does a large percentage of your mail weigh 2 oz when it could weigh 1 oz by reducing the number of pages per envelope, saving you money in postage and paper? NeoStats helps you easily determine areas where you can save.

Information is power with NeoStats

NeoStats automates the postage reporting process, putting all vital information right at your fingertips. NeoStats allows small businesses to see how your outgoing mail is categorized – by type of mail, weight, postage, and department – and pinpoint the exact areas where you are spending. With NeoStats you can customize your Weight Break Report for weight break by account, mail class, operator, and combinations of all those criteria.

Find out more about what NeoStats can do to optimize your outbound mail campaigns.

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