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October 2022 Mailing & Shipping Peak Season Webinar Resources

October 12, 2022

Did you miss our recent October 2022 Mailing & Shipping Peak Season Webinar? Or maybe you’d like to review the information again?

You can access the resources of the webinar by clicking on the links below. We hope the information will help you manage your mailing and shipping costs and reduce the time it takes to get the packages out this winter. 

In this webinar, our mailing experts share insider insights, tips, and a hack or two to help you mitigate the effects of the surcharges on your bottom line.



Webinar resources:

Access the presentation slides.

Download the USPS Postal Rate Guide here.

Download the FedEx and UPS Guides here.

Stay up to date with the rates.

 Use software to see what carriers are charging for services you use.


FAQs from the October 2022 Mailing & Shipping Peak Season Webinar:


  • Prices just went up in July, they are going up again or just for the holiday? When does the U.S. Postal Service change the rates?

Normally the USPS® adjusts rates at the beginning of every year in the month of January. That’s after the Postal Service has submitted proposals and these proposals have been approved by the PRC. In recent years, price increases on First-Class Mail® have taken place at other times during the year. For instance, there were two rate change events in 2021 and 2022, one in January and a second in August. Other mid-year and seasonal rates can vary throughout the year as well, depending on the product. For example, most carriers will announce a temporary, seasonal increase on shipping products every October when shipping volumes increase for the holidays. In most cases, this is to help all the carriers meet the rise in shipments with extra trucks, flights and delivery persons. There may be other rate changes on specific services and Competitive Products or Market Dominant Products. To stay updated with Rate Changes, visit our Rate Hub


  • What is the software that can tell you the cheapest/quickest way to mail a parcel/piece?

Neoship is the must-have multi-carrier shipping software for small and medium-sized businesses. You can save with USPS® discounts on Priority Mail® and Priority Mail Express®, choose the best cost and delivery options from the major carriers, USPS®, FedEx®, and UPS®, with Neoship Advanced and track your shipments in real-time and easily analyze your weekly shipping volume and spending. Learn more about Neoship here.


  • I am new to my postage meter. How can I tell if it auto-updates the postage rates?

If you have a new iX Series Meter, it will automatically update the new postage rates. Just log off & log in!
If you have another Quadient postage meter, you can update the rate by making a “Generic Call” from the machine to the server. Visit our Knowledge base to learn more.


  • How can I get the meter discount?

I'm glad you asked! You can get a meter discount by using a postage meter. You can save 5% on First-Class Mail®. That's 3 cents off every letter! So you don’t need to stock up on stamps or drive back and forth to the Post Office! The savings is automatically calculated for you by the postage machine. Learn how your business can save time and money just by choosing the right postage meter for your business


  • What does DIM stand for?

Dimensional (DIM) weight pricing! It is used by the major shipping carriers, including the USPS®, to help them manage the logistics of moving shipments across the country. It helps the carriers optimize the delivery space on trucks, planes, and local delivery vehicles. Access the most frequently asked questions on DIM weight here. 


  • Is the rate for a First Class® letter increasing for the holidays or is it just packages?

First-Class® letters are still $0.57 when you use a meter. There will be no change to this rate until Jan 2023. Sign up for our Quadient Connections Newsletter to stay updated with the rates.


  • Do we have a comparison slide or info between USPS®, Fedex® and UPS® to determine to cost-effective service to opt for?

Don't spend hours manually shopping and comparing rates. Neoship automatically compares services and prices from the major carriers to make sure you get the best rate…with just one click. Learn more about Neoship.


  • Is there an increase to the certified return receipt? How does e-Certify work and where can I get more information?

No increase to Certified Mail during peak season! e-Certify is one of our most popular solutions. The best thing about e-Certify is that you can save 48% on the cost of sending Certified Mail. That’s huge, considering there were two major price increases to Certified Mail this year. The second greatest thing is that you do everything online. If you are still using those hard-copy receipts, say goodbye to those green cards. See for yourself…Check out e-Certify!


  • Where can I find the updated mailing and shipping rates?

Great question! You can always visit our Postal Rate Hub for updated postal rates. We keep this link updated with the current mailing and shipping rates for all three major carriers. You can also get your up-to-date guide with the new postal rates by downloading our 2022 USPS® Postage Rate Guide or checking the latest rates on the USPS Website.


If you have any other questions, be sure to contact us so we can help you out or you can sign up for our Quadient Connections Newsletter to get all the updates on rate changes as they happen.



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