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Want to Make Sending Mail Quick and Easy? Get to Know Impress Distribute!

May 11, 2021


Let’s be honest, prepping and sending mail can be tedious. Nobody likes spending hours in the mailroom printing, sorting, stuffing, and metering. It’s time-consuming, disruptive, and prone to manual errors that cost you time and money. It’s time to put the spotlight on your mailing process and make it more automated, flexible, and secure.

It’s time to get to know Impress Distribute.

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What is Impress Distribute?

Impress Distribute is a cloud-based mail solution that allows you to outsource all the printing, sorting, stuffing, and metering. With Distribute, you simply upload your mail and have it delivered from one of our state-of-the-art facilities. And the bonus…it takes just a few clicks. The Distribute platform allows you to choose your mail delivery channel, giving you the option between traditional, paper mailing via the post office and e-Delivery via email. You can even set up friendly text message reminders or a branded customer portal.

How does Impress Distribute work?

All you need to do is log on to the Impress Distribute platform. After you upload your mail, all the work is handled for you at one of our advanced mail production facilities via an automated and secure process. Every document processed by Distribute is digitized and tracked with a unique identifier that reduces manual prep errors and allows for the real-time status of each individual piece of mail. It’s actually as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Upload your files to the easy-to-use Distribute platform
  2. Choose your mailing channels
  3. Select mailing options, and you’re done. Mail is off to your customers!

You can even personalize each mail piece with targeted messaging to add an additional special touch. It’s truly that simple.

What are the benefits?

According to a 2019 IDC Document Process Study, 32% of an employee’s time during the week is spent on document–related tasks, including mail prep. That’s about one–third of your workweek! Impress Distribute reduces that time drain by eliminating the tedious tasks that go along with a manual, paper–based mail process. By freeing up time, you and your employees can focus on more high–value tasks and stop worrying about mail. The sooner you get the mail done, the sooner you’ll get outstanding invoices paid!

  • Reduce the errors caused by manual prep processes
  • Lower your operating costs by adding different channels
  • Transforms your process into a flexible, future–proof workflow
  • Scalable for any business size, no matter how big or small the mail run

How can you get it?

Visit our Impress Distribute solution page to get in contact with a Quadient rep who can help show you how Impress Distribute works. A rep will walk you through how easy and quick sending mail from anywhere, anytime. They’ll even help you go through the different delivery channels to show how much you can personalize each mail send. Or you can even go to our self-subscribe page to get started with the Impress Distribute platform for only $9.99 a month.

What else?

Cutting back on manual hard-copy mail prep isn’t just good for you and your business — it’s also good for the planet! In fact, the average employee still uses a staggering 10,000 sheets of paper every year ! By automating your business communication with Impress Distribute, or the other parts of our Impress mail management software suite, you can cut back on your paper usage — not to mention significantly reducing your chances of getting a paper cut. :)


Want to Learn More About Impress Distribute?

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