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IM®pb: What Are the Benefits? Which Parcels Need It? How Much Can You Save?

With Intelligent Mail package barcodes (IM®pb), the USPS® provides businesses with world-class service and tracking that is in line with UPS® and FedEx®. This is great news for businesses, and below we outline why. 

How Does IMpb Benefit Businesses? 

When using IMpb, businesses get advanced tracking on their packages and increased savings. Businesses can track their individual shipments online and see where and when their parcel was scanned, for no additional charge! You can easily update employees or customers on the location of important packages, providing peace of mind and optimum customer service. 

You can use IMpb labels to get the USPS' most discounted rates. Services like Priority Mail® are heavily discounted—sometimes up to 40%—for shippers that use IMpb labels. Plus, you can get automatic insurance up to $50 with Priority Mail and up to $100 with Priority Mail Express. 






Which Types of Mail Need an IMpb Label? 

Parcels, packages, and Priority Mail® Express or Priority Mail® pieces of any shape, size, or price category, including flat-rate boxes and envelopes require an IM®pb barcode.

The following mail classes require an IM®pb:

  • First-Class Mail Package Service®
  • Parcel Select®
  • Parcel Select Lightweight
  • Standard Mail®
  • Library Mail
  • Media Mail®

How Can I Get Tracking and Savings by Using an IMpb Label? 

You can print IMpb labels right in their office or apply them at the Post Office. For maximum efficiency we recommend printing IMpb labels right in the office. This can be done by adding shipping software, like Neoship, to your postage meter. 

To learn more about how to add a shipping option to your postage meter for one low monthly fee contact our shipping specialists today. 



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