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A Whole Week to Celebrate You

This week agencies, businesses and groups across the country are recognizing and celebrating small businesses for their service, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

And we are too!

Small businesses like you are what makes Quadient so great, and it is so rewarding to work with you every day. We know how much you count on us for solutions and our advice.

To celebrate, we're giving away one free resource every day this week. We hand-picked our most popular tips, guides and resources, so keep checking in all week long. We hope you enjoy them. 

Here's to YOU!

Today's Resource

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Top 10 Postal Discounts Every Small Business Should Know

Are you getting all the discounts from the USPS possible? There are 10 key discounts we want every small business to know about. You read that right, 10. Grab our quick guide that outlines each one. It's a great tool that will spark savings across the office and includes tips and bits like saving 5 cents on every letter you send, 6" x 9" envelopes that also qualify for letter rates and how measuring your packages in ounces can save you dollars.

Let's start saving!


Our Most-Popular, Record-Breaking Webinar for Small Businesses

In the words of our USPS mailing expert Pat Mango: "2019 has been the biggest rate change in history."

Grab your earplugs and join us!

Listen along as we replay our record-breaking webinar that breaks down the postal rate changes and explains how small businesses can benefit and save. We promise you’ll walk away with tons of tips and takeaways. Just sign up and we'll also automatically email you all of the additional webinar resources. 

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Quadient Myth Busters, Certified Mail® Edition

Are you one of the 62% of people who would use Certified Mail if it was easy and done online?

It already is!

No worries, we've got your back. Today we're myth busting Certified Mail. There’s a lot of noise out there. To set the record straight, we created a downloadable that covers 6 Certified Mail Myths. If you're Certified Mail curious or just tired of using those green cards, check it out. 

Your time is money, and there's a better way for small businesses to get the job done. 

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Five Ways to Cut Mailing Costs & Boost Workflow

43% of small business managers in charge of printing and mailing want to cut down on costs while speeding up production.

That makes so much "cents"! 

The speed and accuracy with which mail is processed can have a major effect on every business activity. 

It just so happens we compiled a whitepaper that includes the best ways cut your mailing costs. It's packed with timesavers, solutions and tips to avoid bottlenecks and delays. As a small business, you'll benefit greatly when your mail workflow mirrors your digital workflow!

Boost Productivity

We Say 'Thank You Small Businesses' With Our Best Content

We've saved the best for last.

It's our most popular download: Quadient's USPS® Rate Guide

It's our way of saying thank you to all the small businesses who connected with us this week. We had a great time preparing these resources and hope you enjoyed them.

It’s an honor to provide support, solutions, onboarding and advice to help you make your small business more profitable. We're always here to help, support or lend an ear. We hope you'll reach out whenever you need us!

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